The Electric Witch - NEScapism album release

Escape with The Electric Witch into a world where NES games are always playing, and their music breezes across your ears like a soft wind. There is a word for that feeling, and The Electric Witch calls it NEScapism. Listen to this album when you are driving alone at night, or as your life is flashing across your eyes.

Into The Score 27 - Journey of the Classical Podcast and minicasts

Kenley and his wonderful podcast are back from a bit of hiatus! What podcast, why the amazing Into The Score podcast of course! The only podcast dedicated to an academic study of video game music. This week he takes us on a journey through the very popular yet many times overlooked DragonQuest series of games, focusing particularly on DragonQuest VII in Into the Score episode 27: Journey of the Classical Podcast!

Kenley also takes a look at the classical era of music, as well as the background and life of DQ composer Koichi Sugiyama. This and all the other history, facts, trivia, and music you have come to expect from this amazing podcast are in full force with this episode, so be sure to tune in. This podcast is not only amazing in it's assessment of games, but also a great way to learn more about your favorite games and appreciate them more than ever.

Also when checking out the new episode be sure to check out the most recent mini podcast (show notes here). from Into the Score which takes a moment to talk about the phenomenal landmark release of Kind of Bloop and other quick news bits.

PS. On a completely unrelated note, I would like to mention Happy Dreamcast day everyone! Be sure to celebrate by pulling your Sega Dreamcast out of the closet and enjoying the game of your choice. Me? I will be getting reacquainted with my good friend Project Justice!