CONTEST: Win Tickets to MC Chris, Dr. Awkward & more at the Troubadour in Los Angeles 08/07/13


I'm excited to announce that we are giving away TWO PAIRS of tickets ($30 value each) for MC Chris' Revenge of the Nerd 2 Tour!

The venue in question is the Troubadour in West Hollywod, CA. The event happens August 7th, and doors open at 8PM! (Official Event Link)

The concert will not only feature MC Chris, but fellow nerd emcees Dr. Awkward, Jesse Dangerously, and Tribe One!

To win a pair of tickets, read the official rules below. Contest ends 11:59 PM PST Saturday August 3.

  1. Tell us what your favorite song is by any of the artists performing (MC Chris, Dr. Awkward, Jesse Dangerously, or Tribe One) on this page or the social media links below.
  2. Only one entry per site (, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Google+)
  3. MUST BE SUBSCRIBED to each specific social media site you enter the contest through.
  4. LEAVE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE COMMENT FORM if entering the contest via this post. This is so we can easily contact winners.
  5. You can only enter if leaving a comment or reply on/to the following specific links! LINK

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Get _ To Nerdapalooza Fund 2010: Dr. Awkward Fundraiser

So if you are heavy into the nerdcore community, as well as the nerdcore mecca that is Nerdapalooza, you may or may not already know that I, as well as Lo Tech of GeekPeekPost have been plugging away at our community fundraiser. We call it, the simple, but explanatory Get _ To Nerdapalooza Fund and seek to get one artist to Nerdapalooza each year. This year we are working together to get Scrub Club Records artist and rising hip hop musician Dr. Awkward.

We are not just simply taking donations though, we are lucky enough to have a very giving community of artists who are donating tons of merchandise to give away to some lucky donators.

So here are the rules: You can donate any amount you like to the cause Through the 'DONATE' section of the main site. Donating $10 get's you one raffle ticket, and every subsequent $5 will buy you another ticket for the raffle. You will receive your tickets AT Nerdapalooza, and either must be present to win, or contact us to make arrangements for a friend to pick them up in case your name is drawn as a winner. Once you receive your tickets at Nerdapalooza you can enter them into Raffle A or B as you see fit.

Check out the image below for some of the great Prizes from Raffle A

Don't forget that there is also a Raffle B which can be seen over at the main raffle site. Hope to award one of you fine folks with some great prizes when we announce the prize winners this July in Florida!

Week in Video Game Inspired Music 5/10 - 5/16

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In news this week, I think the biggest thing is Events, events, events! Looks like the guys at Nerdapalooza have announced a ton more artists. Same goes for the east coast rockers at Bit Gen Gamer Fest. Finally I am glad to announce our own show next month in Los Angeles. WEST COAST WIGOUT 2! You can find more details, including grab some presale tickets through this link. Now onto the news!

"With Sprinkles"- Beefy

With Sprinkles
A new album has been released by the almighty Nerdcore artist Beefy! "With Sprinkles" is nothing but epic. It's cluttered with various tracks to please our inner nerd. Beefy has been one of Nerdcore's higher standing rappers. With his rockin 2008 album "Rolling Doubles" and being part of the band The Grammar Club (Along with Shael Riley and DJ Snyder/KASPAROV) Beefy does nothing but conquer and win. His name is well known in the Nerdcore community and one of the few to even been known outside of it. In his new album "With Sprinkles" you get assorted topics any nerd or geek can relate to. He shows that his geek swag is still intact and he isn't afraid to show it. Featuring artists such as Schaffer the Darklord, Epic-1, MC Lars, Dual Core, YTCracker, and Dr. Awkward, this whole album will knock you out of seat and have you hit  replay in an instant. With Beefy being one of my very top favorite Nerdcore artists it's hard to choose a few favorites because they're all so good! But I did narrow it down and I have to say my top faves go to "Join My Guild", "Press Start" and "Geek Out". Now I won't lie, "Join My Guild" tickled my fancy because I love the MMO World of Warcraft (and the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV!) and I'm a huge fan of the show "The Guild" which this track has a lot of references to! Whether you're a thief, an orc, an elf, or a'll love this song! "Press Start" is just all around bad-ass! Featuring Dual Core, these guys go at it challenging each other in various games whether the genre is Fighting or Shooters. With a legit beat and these two combine, it definitely became an instant favorite. And lastly, my number one goes to "Geek Out". Going through all the daily quirks geeks typically endure and having a great chorus that will have you yelling GEEK OUT in reply, this track I expect will have high play counts. There is no reason to not get this album! With so many awesome tracks with awesome artists rapping about awesome things, don't you want to be an awesome fan? Show Beefy some love and buy this album now for $10 bucks (or $9.99 to download) and let it be known that Beefy is "bestestist"!

Dr. Awkward "Unlimited"


Doc Awk is back!  Since his huge hit, "Next Gen", this man has been on a Nerdcore rocket ship that continues flying towards the stars.  His name is continuing to spread through out the Nerdcore community and his fan base gets bigger and bigger.  Signing on with Scrub Club Records, multiple collabs, shows, etc, this rapper is making his mark!  And now it's here, the album we've all been anticipating!   "Unlimited" is a new shot for all his patients.  It'll kick your music taste into shape with his hot tracks that talk on women, gaming, women, kung fu (and how it's better than yours), gaming, and more women!

Now let's talk about some of my personal favorites on this album.  My first most favorite has got to be "DualShAwks".  This track has a legit beat and a lot of attitude.  It takes huge pride in being a nerd and what it means to be 1337.  The Doc tells his audience simply "Here I am, take me on".  Great beat, great flow, one of my definite favorite Nerdcore-in-general tracks.  My next fave goes to "Joystick".  This track cracked me up!  The obvious innuendo (of course) made me laugh but the story behind it too about a nerd who loses his girl and his job because of gaming gave a good chuckle too.  Just an all around enjoyable track.  Now my third one is tough to choose.  A lot of you readers might think it be "Be My" with it having Final Fantasy used in the track but I'm partial to "Otaku Girl", another nerd love song about a gamer falling for an Anime fan girl using various Animes/Manga references.   Both tracks fill my heart with so much glee, it's hard to choose.  So I'll cheat and say both are my third favorite(s)!

This album is a great addition to any Nerdcore music collection (or to any music collection for that matter!).   I recommend it to all you otaku loving, video game playing,  and/or "Timid" nerds  out there who are thirsting for some new Nerdcore music to sing along to on loop! You can get "Unlimited" here!  Download it now and get amped up for what more will come in the future!