Psychonauts 10th Anniversary Week ends, is a Psychonauts 2 possible?

I end this theme week with some questions. It seems that a Psychonauts 2 is almost inevitable, but is probably more of a rough concept rather than an upcoming game at this moment. Tim Schaffer has expressed interest in a sequel, but has also stated that acquiring the budget necessary to help a sequel reach its full potential is no small matter. We can certainly dream of the day Double Fine announces a sequel, hopefully within the next ten years.

As great a game as the original Psychonauts was, there were some issues with it. As with any sequel, there are plenty of possibilities as to what to add, change, or keep from the original. Video games have changed quite a bit in ten years, especially in regards to online. Would Double Fine address this in some way in a potential sequel?

The art above by Tomsleeps helps illustrate my point as well. Tom created concept art for a stage, or 'mind,' of his own design.

As fans of Psychonauts, what would you love to see added or updated were a sequel to come out this console generation. What console would you think the game would do best on?

Psychonauts 10th Anniversary Week continues w/ MazeDude tribute 'Psychotic Censors'

A haunting rearrangement of Peter McConnell's theme 'The Censors Unleashed'

As with any great game, Psychonauts has inspired plenty of artists in its wake. One of those is MazeDude, a stellar musician and prolific video game remixer. Many of MazeDude's tracks are easily recognizable for the eclectic sounds and instruments used in them. His tribute to Peter McConnell and the Psychonauts soundtrack is no different. A driving piano centers an array of industrial sounds. The result is a dark journey through sound, very fitting of the more disturbing moments of Psychonauts.

MazeDude's track can be found both on the Bad Dudes album Zombies Rocked My Neighbors, and on OCReMix as remix #1638.

Did you consider Psychonauts a funny, or dark game? The game certainly had plenty of both in the variety of levels, sometimes at the same time. Do you think there are other video games that have the same mood and tone as Psychonauts?

Psychonauts 10 Year Anniversary Week begins with the original soundtrack

Reminiscing about psychic summer camp.

Every game Double Fine produces is always even better, and usually much stranger thanks to the jazz stylings of Peter McConnell.

Psychonauts certainly fits into many people's definition of strange. For exclusively console gamers, it was our first taste of the absurd humor and sharp writing of Tim Schaffer. It was also the first time consoles were graced with the music of Peter McConnell. The atmosphere and music of Psychonauts one of a kind, which can sometimes be a rarity in gaming.

Sit back and reminisce about your favorite moments from Psychonauts while listening to the original soundtrack to the now officially classic game (it takes ten years to become a classic game, right? I thought we agreed on this.)

Did you have the chance to play Psychonauts ten years ago? Do you think the game has aged well since it's release? 

Listen to some haunting jazz blues from the Costume Quest 2 soundtrack

Listen to '"French Quarter" from the Costume Quest 2 soundtrack. The game is available now on all major platforms. It's not often I hear some incredible New Orleans jazz in a video game, so this is a major event for me. When I came upon this section of the game, I definitely had flashbacks to Grim Fandango, which makes sense, as Peter McConnell is the composer for both games.