The Dank EP, a Donkey Kong based EDM compilation from Tiny Waves

The Dank EP, a Donkey Kong based EDM compilation from Tiny Waves

This awesome little album took me by surprise. I call it little, even though it's 14 tracks filled with Donkey Kong Country inspired EDM. Then again, they called it an EP, and called it the Dank EP. The music is great though. Many familiar names on this compilation, including RoBKTA, Glenntai, RoboRob, and more. That RoBKTA track bumps so hard I even had to play it on an episode of the SUBCON podcast. Can't go wrong with Donkey Kong. The fact that it rhymes, proves it's true.

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Listen to '6 Kong (Gorilla Gang),' a Donkey Kong Country 2 remix by Voodoo Lion

I love all the Voodoo Lion music I have heard thus far, but this particular remix of music from Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy's Kong Quest really stands out to me for the great use of original sounds and effects from DKC2. Every game soundtrack Voodoo Lion remixes makes me wish he did a full album of just that series. Is a couple dozen remix albums a lot to ask for?

Listen to Light Pillar's Donkey Kong Country 2 remix 'All Aboard the Glitter Express'

A remix of my own personal favorite DKC2 track

ReMixer: Light Pillar
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• Game: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest (Nintendo, 1995, SNES)
• ReMixer(s): Light Pillar
• Composer(s): David Wise
• Song(s): ‘Disco Train (Target Terror)’
• Posted: 2015-05-02, evaluated by djpretzel
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GamerGad drops video for new hip hop single Bananas ft. SkyBlew

GamerGad hit me up with his latest single and I'm definitely feeling this track. SkyBlew pops up again in the low key video for Gad's latest single, Bananas. This track is definitely getting into the Subcon Podcast rotation in the future.

Following the success of the gamer’s last single, GamerGad, drops a SkyBlew assisted, free to download, promo track for fans to enjoy. This one portrays a gamer’s struggle and comparison between life and Donkey Kong, one of the most beloved video game characters of all time. Song downloadable at

For Promo Use Only.
Artist: GamerGad
Song: Bananas ft. SkyBlew
Year: 2015
Production: Produced by Monk. Guitar: Daniel Savage. Bass: Derrek Spronk. Drums: CuzinQ.

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