Watch genoboost play Star Fox Zero

I decide to record my first play through of Star Fox Zero for the Nintendo Wii U, and come to terms with a very complex and nuanced control system.

Boss Rush, the new album of video game funk rock from Do a Barrel Roll!

The members of DABR! do battle to save the planet, taking on boss after deadly boss by unleashing all their music mastery in a funk rock blend of intense VGM covers in Boss Rush. Take a moment of rest to hear the far too short but soothing "Revival of the Great Fairy" or get swept up in the bombastic "Battle of Gerudo Valley."

Between the hard hitting Zelda, and TMNT rearrangements, the funkified Star Fox covers, and the aforementioned tranquility of one of my favorite Legend of Zelda themes, this album is well worth the price. Download the album now for $7.