Listen to gun slinging chiptune rock in The Sheriff by Derris Kharlan


Pulsating sounds of justice and gunfire is all I can imagine in this epic wild west dance rock track "The Sheriff" by the always impressive Derris Kharlan.

This is the antithesis to yesterday's track The Outlaw. Great juxtaposition of sounds on the dual single West. You can buy both for only $1 via bandcamp. Two singles for the price of one.

Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson releases Impostor Nostalgia album

Jimmy Hinson, also known in the video game music community as Big Giant Circles, just released his original debut album Impostor Nostalgia. The release features over 75 minutes of retro and VGM-inspired tunes, fusing modern-day electronic music with chip sounds of yesteryear. Impostor Nostalgia includes a wealth of guest appearances from big names such as Alexander Brandon, C418, Disasterpiece, Josh Whelchel, Pongball, Souleye and zircon. This album has been long in the making, and it certainly shows in the quality of the work.