Listen to gun slinging chiptune rock in The Sheriff by Derris Kharlan


Pulsating sounds of justice and gunfire is all I can imagine in this epic wild west dance rock track "The Sheriff" by the always impressive Derris Kharlan.

This is the antithesis to yesterday's track The Outlaw. Great juxtaposition of sounds on the dual single West. You can buy both for only $1 via bandcamp. Two singles for the price of one.

Wintertunes chiptune compilation release

They have brought you Springtunes, then I heard about their awesomeness with the fantastic Summertunes, then patiently awaited the highly anticipated release of Autumntunes. Well now the folks over at the chiptune label ubiktune have encased an entire year of seasonal greatness with, you guessed it, Wintertunes. This is a brand new compilation from many fantastic artists from the chiptune community.

This album features some spectacular snow themed, ice sheeted tracks from the likes of Temp Sound Solutions, Zan-zan-zawa-veia, as well as recent chiptune darling Derris-Kharlan, and plenty more from folks new and old to the seasonal tunes series.

Things kick off with the funky Magic Snow is White and Slow by nq\skrju (I have no clue how to pronounce that). We are hit with a funky groove that layers some clap like glitchy leads and sample voice overs that create an upbeat mood of driving down a dark winter road with your friends as the snow begins to fall. Navigator on the other hand takes on a more somber space like tone. This track comes our way courtesy Rico Zerone and creates a vibe more akin to a snowy tundra as opposed to a soft snow covered yard. The song creates images of a vast swath of endless white snow.

Skipping ahead a few tracks we hear from Captain Tortilla with his track Wind Chill. This song creates an adventurous NES game style melody that reminds one of a side scrolling winter level from many a game back in those days. This is followed up by my favorite track on this collection, the flustered tones of Jeca Jeca by the ever interesting Zan-zan-zawa-veia. This track melds together Zzzv's glitchy nature with a laid back tune that would be played during Christmas in an alternate world. The slow, melodic track wraps around and slowly rises in both pace and insanity as we reach the end.

We reach the end of the album with a breathtaking track from Temp Sound Solutions. I have always enjoyed the juxtaposition between his gritty video game covers and the very relaxing, almost daze inducing chiptune work he has created. Angels' Bane definitely fits in with that category of chiptunes. The track gives off a nostalgic mood with it's soft beeps and buzzes, as if you were hearing a recognizable song from outside of a store window. The track gives off a ton of lazily window shopping along main street while bundled up in a brand new winter coat and simply enjoying the scenery of it all. The laid back atmosphere also brings the album to a very smooth, well defined ending.

The album, much like it's predecessors, is a relaxing, nostalgic look back on the recently passed season, and all the seasons before that as well. Remember that you can grab the album for free through the Wintertunes page on ubiktune. Be sure to grab all their previous compilations while you are there as well.

Track listing after the break. 1. nq\skrju — Magic Snow is White and Slow (1:41) 2. Rico Zerone — Navigator (2:30) 3. Tony Thai — Cough Syrup Overdose (2:37) 4. Derris-Kharlan — Reconciliation (2:18) 5. Captain Torilla — Wind Chill (2:39) 6. Zan-zan-zawa-veia — Jeca Jeca (4:45) 7. Blitz Lunar — The Labyrinth of Skadi (5:05) 8. zinger — Hibernation Hacker (5:00) 9. coda & surasshu — lucia (6:17) 10. ast0r — Mere Words (Bobby McFerrin) (3:12) 11. Temp Sound Solutions — Angels' Bane (2:57)

Derris-Kharlan - Live album release

Derris-Kharlan, another in a long line of impeccably awesome Australian chiptune artists, has released a recording of a live performance via CalmDownKidder Records. The album is Live, and is available for free download. This release is definitely a surprise hit album for me and many others.

Live is nine tracks of catchy chiptune work and crunchy guitar riffs. Kicking off strong with Theme For a Jump Goat with fast paced chiptunes that swirl quickly around rough guitar work creating an upbeat adventurous tune through dark colorful landscapes. This all comes to a close in an ending that swells, then finally fades and blurs into Luna. Slower and more ominous than the opening track, Luna creates a tone that slides between foreboding dissonance and heart thumping energy. The guitar really takes a center role in this track, rising and diving beneath the elaborate chiptune work. This is probably my favorite track on the album, not least of all for the "objection!" at about 3:08 that sends the song whirling off in a feverish race to the end of the track.

The album is littered in more great tracks, such as the relaxing By The Bay, or another personal favorite, the great head bobbing rhythms of Oasis. I also have to mention the final piece of this album, the rocked out reprieve, Nexus. This track starts out as if it will be a simple laid back album ending, but quickly builds into a sonic assault that will definitely have you wanting to rock out.

All in all, this is a great album from beginning to end, and may be in the running for chiptune album of the year in my book. Head over to the appropriate download page and give this album a listen.