Guilty Gear turns 17! Get in that fighting mood with these hard rock vocal arrangements

A live recording of Guilty Gear music performed in Los Angeles

Epic fighting game metal, with lyrics! Talk about my kind of jam. Of course I know the words to all these songs, and of course I sing them when playing Guilty Gear.

This music always gets me pumped up for whatever minor tasks take up my day. Conveniently, it is also available on iTunes

Are you a fan of Guilty Gear and the series music by Daisuke Ishitawari? Share some of your favorite tracks and guilty gear memories with us!

Listen to Nothing out of the Ordinary (Same Character Theme) from GUILTY GEAR XX in L.A VOCAL EDITION

I am not ashamed (too much) to claim that Guilty Gear Live in L.A. is one of my favorite albums across the board. One of the many stand out tracks includes this vocal rendition of the song that plays when two players choose the same character.

With lyrics like, "How you gonna feel, when I punch your face?" calling this anything besides the ultimate fight song would be an understatement.

Game: Guilty Gear
Album: Guilty Gear in L.A Vocal Edition
Song: Nothing out of the Ordinary (Same Character Theme)
Composer(s): Jay Gordon, Kinya Sawaguchi, Koichi SEIYAMA, Matt Zane, MIKE, FIJT

All copyright to Arc System Works.