Attack Slug - Endsville is Burning album release

New Jersey nerdcore rapper Attack Slug has released his newest effort, entitled Endsville is Burning. You can download the album free from Attack Slug's website. Working with other famed nerdcore artists like T.Y.T. and KABUTO, and rapping over beats from the likes of DJ Snyder and OCRemixer Franz Keller, he makes a distinct and interesting disc. The album is nine tracks long and clocks in at just under half an hour. Definitely worth a listen as Attack Slug has a style all his own. My favorite track? Why Earth Defense Force no doubt! He even has some EDF remixes up from Don Vito, and our pal IllGill, be sure to check out those remixes too!

Entity & DJ Snyder - Calvin & Hobbes album release

[No Album Art Currently]

Incredible nerdcore beatsmith and rapper DJ Snyder, and Entity have teamed up for the RPM Challenge. They have released an amazing collaborative effort in just one month, entitled Calvin and Hobbes. The album also features many other amazing folks from the world of Nerdcore including Whoremoans, The Ranger, Kabuto, and more! To download the album, you can hit this link and to find out more about the whole album, as well as some excellent fan reactions, hit up the appropriate RhymeTorrents thread.

I've been listening to this album quite a bit since grabbing it myself a few days ago. Definitely worth checking out, and since it's free, you can't even complain about it! As for my personal favorite tracks, I feel Factory and Defenders of the Fate (feat. T.Y.T.) are the way to go, although The Sociopolitics of Internet Machinima is just too catchy to forget. Well all the tracks are interesting and polished though, so definitely give it a go.

"and I get banned!"

The Grammar Club - Bremelanotide album Child's Play re-release

I know man, you're all like, "They just released the damn thing! And it was for download, it's not out of print or something!" Well chill. They didn't just re-release it. They renamed it Bremelanotide Blue Edition and packed it with loads of extras, including liner notes, lyrics, new artwork and more.

The album is still free of course. But for those of you with the need to give in your heart, for five bucks which will be going to charity foundation Child's Play they have also made a much higher quality album up for download. Going by the name Bremelanotide Green Edition, theis version includes all the above, not to mention an eighth bonus song, more cover art, and instrumental tracks of all songs! Also available to donors is a lucrative spot on their hallowed "Grammar Club Hall of Donations Yearbook Collage." So give a little today, and grab this seriously amazing album from this superb group! You can grab the free version and purchase the charity version through this link. Go!

The Grammar Club - Bremelanotide release

The first release from nerdcore supergroup (if that's not an oxymoron) The Grammar Club has been released. Bremelanotide is seven tracks of amazing nerdcore rap/rock from a handful of amazing solo nerdcore artists including Beefy, DJ Snyder, Glenn Case, Shael Riley and the mysterious Adam.

If you dig even one of these musicians, or think they are alright, or never heard any of them, it doesn't really matter. This album is definitely worth checking out. You can also spread the word on this album by digging it.

The album is 100% free so you have nothing to lose by giving it a listen and everything to gain. Well worth your time. You can download it through this link. (I'm turned on by this news, are you?)