Nophi Recordings - 99 Problems (But a Chip Ain't One) chiptune compilation

An epic collection of chiptunery across the board. This time, Nophi gather chiptuners to bust out some original tunes in their 2012 compilation 99 Problems (But a Chip Ain't One). Gritty to pop, straight chip to chip infused, this compilation covers a swath of styles for those 2A03 loving, Game Boy rocking, FM soundchip banging chiptune fans out there.

We’ve always had a dangerous love affair with video games. Nophi’s first logo was actually a riff on the Atari logo, and we’ve been borrowing from video game culture ever sinse. It’s safe to say that Nophi would not exist — at least not in the same capacity — without influence from the gaming world.

Last year, we entered our name into the chiptune/vg music hat with a compilation of classic chiptune covers known as Eightest Bits. The project was so much fun, that we just had to have another go at it in 2012. This time, however, the compositions would need to be originals!

We certainly wanted to pay respect to the “hardcore” chiptuners, but also highlight composers who employ elements of chipmusic alongside broader instrumentation. Therefore, we opted not to limit the tracks on this compilation by the equipment used to create it. What we ended up with was an excellent cross-section of compositions ranging from Gameboy bangers, to slickly-produced “crossover” tunes.

We seriously can’t thank the artists who participated in this project enough, and we hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do, because we feel it’s right up there with the most awesome things we’ve ever done!
— Nophi Music Collective

Dj CUTMAN & Sammus collab for Nerdcore Instrumentals 2, an album of hip hop beats


Fresh off the release of Sammus' deep dark hip hop album Another M, she has combined production skills with Dj CUTMAN to bring you an instrumental package based on that album.

The original beats Sammus rocked on Another M get a fresh coat of paint to make these instrumentals really bounce. This is more than a simple instrumental version of the album, as each song adds and changes things in new ways. since the lack of vocals gives these beats more room to grow an move. I praised the beats in my article on Another M, so I'm definitely glad Nerdcore Instrumentals 2 is here to shine a light on these great productions.

Download the album free via Dj Cutman's bandcamp page.

MeowMeow & BowWow a Link's Awakening tribute


The immense musical might of Spamtron and Dj CUTMAN have recombined in their new album MeowMeow & BowWow. In their latest album, the duo pays tribute to the classic Game Boy title The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening. This classic handheld game is the fourth installment of the long running Nintendo series, and has recently celebrated it's 20th anniversary just this past month.

Dj CUTMAN and Spamtron drop some feverishly catchy remixes that will get your mind all set for adventure. Bump this in the club and people will start dropping rupees.

DJ CUTMAN w/ Spamtron, Mykah, and dj-Jo - The TRIFORCE of BASS album release

Looks like DJ CUTMAN has fulfilled his destiny and found the three EPs that create the legendary Triforce of Bass. Grab it from the DJ CUTMAN bandcamp for free and hear tributes to Zelda from Skyward Sword to the original title that started it all.

Dj CUTMAN - The Legend of Dubstep mixtape release

So there are those who like dubstep, and those who do not. I am firmly in the former camp, and in case you don't believe where my loyalties lie, then just ask me how much I love this new mixtape by Dj CUTMAN. Right from the cold opening of Arion's Pokémon Dubstep Theme Song as it builds into Pikachu dropping a lightning bolt of warbling bass, I'm already on board for the next 40 minutes.

The Legend of Dubstep heads out from the world of Pokemon to visit my old friend Spamtron with his NES Mix of Lost Woods. We hear more great Zelda remixes from Ephixa, including his own rendition of Lost Woods, and my personal favorite, Song of Storms. a classic Tetris tune by Doctor P, and get a little heavy hearted with remixes of Corrider of Time (Chrono Trigger) and Terra's Theme (Final Fantasy 6) via Mekamodo, and Yeahdef respectively. Added all together you wind up with over half an hour of pulsating bass and chopped up, remixed VGM.

I highly suggest setting this album to play next time you are throwing down in a round of Mortal Kombat or the fighting game of your choice. I may be a little biased, but I am pretty sure every fight was more awesome with dubstep.

That brings me to a question. What will be the first game to throw down with an original dubstep soundtrack. Although, I hope, with asking the question, someone will point me to an amazing one that has already been made. Then I won't even have to do any of the leg work.

Anyway, go grab this album via Dj CUTMAN's website. Then let him know that if he ever does another dubstep mix, that Zircon's latest track, Ashes to Ashes, included on the recently released Harmony of a Hunter, has got to be worked in somehow.

First set of bands announced for MAGFest 9

As the sun sets on PAX and an event filled summer, the days grow shorter and it is time to look longingly into the wintery world of MAGFest. This is quite easy to do, now that the MAGFest crew has announced a few of the many bands that will be performing at the upcoming festival. Groups include newcomers The X Hunters, and personal favorites Bit Brigade. Not to mention the return of amazing bands Metroid Metal, Entertainment System, and Rare Candy. On top of that, there will even be DJs cutting things up VG style with DJ Cutman and DJ AWESOME so you can dance it off all night long.

This is just the first of many upcoming announcements for MAGFest, so keep checking their site for the latest news, and I will see you there in January!