Crystal Tokyo releases self-titled album of chillwave hip hop beats


A funky chill journey through back alleys littered with platforms and spiked pits. Let Crystal Tokyo take you on a trip. Relaxed melodies comprise much of the album, but a few mood changes such as the album defining "Aeroplane" and the washed out rendition of "Stickerbrush Symphony" (originally by David Wise, who composed the entire Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest soundtrack). CT has been on a flurry of releases since the beginning of 2014, so I hope to hear even more soon!

Not to mention Crystal Tokyo is straight out of my childhood town of Moreno Valley. Props fam!

Listen to the latest VG inspired chillwave from Crystal Tokyo - Aeroplane


I should have more on Crystal Tokyo soon. I am really digging the spacious, relaxed tone of the full album, but have to take it all in a bit more before then.

Give a listen to "Aeroplane" by Moreno Valley, California based  from his latest, self-titled album. Haunting hip hop beats that fall somewhere between the "The Song of Unhealing" from Ben Drowned and the creepier levels of classic DKC. Currently my favorite track on the album. Hope this guy makes a Halloween album, hope this guy plays shows.