Watch Sega Sound Team Band perform Space Harrier at Game Music Festival '91


I was wisened up to this awesome old video of live music from Space Harrier by twitter user and fellow VGM lover @KeenanW.

I'm a big fan of video game music history just as much as video game history in general so I am always glad to see something like this preserved on the internet. Not to mention this is a pretty great song.

Sega Sound Team Live From SST Band ~Live History~ DVD.

Concert Shots: Zelda Symphony @ Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver

The Zelda Symphony is on tour once more, this time bringing with it a whole new repertoire of tracks to dazzle audiences. And dazzle they did! With new performances based on Link to the Past, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, and other titles from the long history of the franchise, the Zelda Symphony did not disappoint when they brought their act to Vancouver's Orpheum Theatre. Shots below from the show! [gallery ids="8018,8019,8020,8021,8022,8023,8024,8025,8026,8027,8028,8029,8030,8031,8032,8033,8034,8035,8036,8037"]

Indiegogo: Support The Day After 3 Fundraiser!

996881_10151529139001487_895625050_n Channel Zero is holding a fundraiser to extend this year's Nerdapalooza by one more day. It is called The Day After 3, and Channel Zero say that support is necessary to achieve this goal. If you plan on attending Nerdapalooza 2013, and aim to get the most nerd for your money, this may be the fundraiser for you.

"Ever sit up at night and wish that the nerdiest of nerd music events, Nerdapalooza, would last just one more glorious night? Well here is your chance to make dreams come true."

This Indiegogo campaign has flexible funding, which means this campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal. The Day After 3 Fundraiser ends September 30, 2013.

The Day After 3 Fundraiser! The Day After Show is an amazing VIP party/concert that was created to add an extra day to the already awesome nerd music festival Nerdaplooza in Orlando, FL!

Here's the list of confirmed performers at this point, to which I will add as they are signed on board:

Benjamin Briggs DJ RoboRob Magitek Death*Star

...and many more to come!

Date of the show is Monday, Oct. 21st 2013.  "The Day After" Nerdapalooza!

CONTEST: Win Tickets to MC Chris, Dr. Awkward & more at the Troubadour in Los Angeles 08/07/13


I'm excited to announce that we are giving away TWO PAIRS of tickets ($30 value each) for MC Chris' Revenge of the Nerd 2 Tour!

The venue in question is the Troubadour in West Hollywod, CA. The event happens August 7th, and doors open at 8PM! (Official Event Link)

The concert will not only feature MC Chris, but fellow nerd emcees Dr. Awkward, Jesse Dangerously, and Tribe One!

To win a pair of tickets, read the official rules below. Contest ends 11:59 PM PST Saturday August 3.

  1. Tell us what your favorite song is by any of the artists performing (MC Chris, Dr. Awkward, Jesse Dangerously, or Tribe One) on this page or the social media links below.
  2. Only one entry per site (, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Google+)
  3. MUST BE SUBSCRIBED to each specific social media site you enter the contest through.
  4. LEAVE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE COMMENT FORM if entering the contest via this post. This is so we can easily contact winners.
  5. You can only enter if leaving a comment or reply on/to the following specific links! LINK

Tumblr: LINK

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Facebook: LINK

Concert Shots: The Protomen

Last time The Protomen performed in Chicago, they were accompanied by a myriad of other fantastic performers. It was a phenomenal show, but giving them the headlining set really gives them the opportunity to shine. This past April 7th, they had the opportunity to do just that. Bringing the audience through Acts One and Two of their dystopian Megaman-based rock opera story, and even tantalizing the audience with a preview of some Act Three work, it was hard for any member of that audience to contain their excitement. Below are some choice shots of their performance as they "fought" alongside their Chicago army. An army that had help from as far as Ireland, thanks to fan James that traveled overseas to see them, and even get a shot with Murphy Weller!

[gallery link="file"]

Concert Shots: Skyfox, MC Lars, The Protomen, I Fight Dragons

Live, from the Metro in Chicago, it's a cornucopia of nerdcore bands pumping out their best! Wrapping up their tour, The Protomen and I Fight Dragons brought with them Skyfox and MC Lars to dish out the best nerd-music show that Chicago has had in a good while. Filling up the venue, they failed to disappoint as Skyfox captured new hearts and minds, MC Lars entertained, The Protomen battled for freedom, and I Fight Dragons, well...fought dragons! While it was a show that's best experienced by being there in person, I've got some shots that capture at least a fraction of the energy that these guys were pumping through Chicago's veins. [gallery link="file"]

Concert Shots: Distant Worlds 25th Anniversary Show

The first Final Fantasy game was released on December 18th, 1987. Coming up soon is the 25th anniversary of that first title that spun up one of the world's most vast series of games, and so what better of a celebration than to have Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy put on a show in celebration of that? Complete with newly edited video footage, as well as some new tracks (including a huge battle theme montage), the 25th Anniversary show put on by the Distant Worlds crew did not disappoint. Below are just a few select shots from the show, showcasing the performance; of course, they're no match for being there in person, so be sure to get some tickets to one of their upcoming shows! [gallery]

Concert Shots: Zelda Symphony

Not too long ago, the currently touring Zelda Symphony brought its grand scores, moving sounds, and nostalgic moments to the Chicago Theatre. The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses filled up the theatre, bringing together fans of all ages to see the performance of a lifetime, with the orchestra putting on a spectacular show to accompany the video projected onto the large screen behind them. Definitely a moving performance, and well worth the ticket price! [gallery link="file"]

[Concert Shots] Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy @ Chicago Symphony Center

If you're not yet familiar with the best touring group of composers and musicians, giving it their all to recreate some of the best scores from Final Fantasy games through the ages with orchestras around the world, well-- you are now! Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy returned to Chicago once again on their 2011 tour circuit, teaming up with the Chicago Pops Orchestra at the Symphony Center for not one, but two great shows. A photo account below, featuring guest singers Susan Calloway, and pianist Benyamin Yuss. [gallery]

[Concert Shots] Video Games Live

A performance by Video Games Live is a performance unforgettable to many; mostly because of the overwhelming charisma the performers channel through the show. With constantly changing routines thanks to more than enough selections of music to choose from, a Video Games Live show always has something new and interesting for any VG-music enthusiast. So, when I got to shoot their show on November 6th at the Chicago Theatre, I was more than pleased. Full review after the break!

The show started off like any other, with a quick nostalgia-inducing musical montage from older games with a video for each playing in the background, followed by Tommy Tallarico introducing conductor Wataru Hokoyama. They proceeded into the show just after, but Video Games Live isn't entirely about the music-- it's got its share of audience participation as well, especially with the Frogger Contest they put on. Calling up two people from the audience, they engaged in a battle of speed, car-dodging, and highways to see who would reign supreme of the Chicago Froggerverse.

Of course, Video Games Live isn't without its share of guest appearances as well; while appearances by famous conductors and musicians of the industry (such as Michael Salvatori of Halo fame) are expected, nobody quite predicted the Skype appearance of the inventor of Tennis For Two, the first video game, Ralph Baer. Definitely a surprise for everyone in the room.

Another audience participation bit of Video Games Live is the Guitar Hero contest, the winner of which gets to play a song for contest on stage alongside Tommy Tallarico and the rest of the orchestra. In this case, it was Van Halen's "Jump" that made it onto the screen, and jump they did.

One particularly notable act of the currently circulating Video Games Live set is the added flute expertise of Laura "Flute Link" Intravia, who, with the help of her hovering fairy, managed a great flute solo in her Link costume-- combine that with a debut of her Flute Mario arrangement, and you have enough music to satisfy any fan of flute music and vide game music combined.

The show wrapped up with a familiar performance of Castlevania, which got the audience cheering more than loudly enough-- but still, the volume of the crowd's enthusiasm doubled when Tallarico and Intravia returned to the stage to do the encore which, of all songs, was "Still Alive" from Valve's Portal.

Video Games Live puts on a show that no fan of video game music should miss. With their set changing up for each performance, there's no reason to stop going to one of their concerts, and we look forward to the next tour that the crew has going for them.

Any good Video Games Live stories? A part of their show you really enjoyed? Share it below in the comments, and be sure to check the gallery for the full concert image set!

[gallery orderby="title"]

"Distant Worlds" Tokyo/Toronto Ticket Sweepstakes!

That's right! Enter into this contest and possibly win 2 tickets to either the magnificent Final Fantasy concert in Toronto, Canada or Tokyo, Japan. In Toronto, you get 2 tickets and a meet n greet pass so you can meet both Arnie Roth and Nobuo Uematsu himself! For Tokyo, you just win 2 tickets to the Japan! So it's truly a win win situation. Don't pass it up! For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about you can check out my last year post on my personal experience on going and check out Kyle Mistry's photos he took when he went as well.

This contest is happening up until Sept. 30th.  The Toronto concert is on Nov. 27th, 2010 and Tokyo is on Nov. 6th and 7th, 2010.  It's an amazing concert filled with all your favorite pieces from one of the greatest video games of all time, the Final Fantasy series! Here's the contest, enter it and experience one of the best concerts you'll ever lay eyes on!