Comptroller & arcadecoma release chiptune split 'You Play A Good Game Boy'

This is like the peanut butter and jelly of chiptunes right here. That crunchy grind of Comptroller and the soothing Game Boy of arcadecoma play off one another in this amazing two track split single.

In celebration of the release of ‘Phantasm: Ravager’, longtime phans Comptroller & arcadecoma offer this chiptune tribute to the music of the film series. Both tracks were created with Nintendo Game Boys, for added dialogue reference fun.

Please note, this is a free release purely made as a fan tribute, and all compositions remain the property of the relevant parties. We have no desire to incur the wrath of The Tall Man.

'BLUE VIDEO ROMANCE' A gritty chiptune assault by Comptroller

Grimey, shmup inspired, cyberpunk beats

It's been a long time since I heard that beautiful glitched out grime that made me a fan of Comptroller and his former group Beats of Rage a few years ago.

4 dense strikes inspired by early exposure to ill-contextualised exotic cultural imports (i.e. encountering 80s anime & NTSC-J games without a proper frame of reference or easy access to the Internet) and the resulting damage; plus a sweet remix by Matt Nida.

All tracks slowly crafted on a PSP running LittleGPTracker in bad dark frenzies 2014/15. Glory to the Pig.

Lemon No Yume is an ugly re-interpretation of PSY・S’ beautiful Lemon No Yuuki. Everything else conceived & combined by Comptroller.
— Comptroller

Gamewave Podcast Episode 65: Interview Special (Anamanaguchi, Nordloef)

So the Gamewave Podcast are keeping to their schedule of one show every two weeks and have just released a corker of a show! It features interviews with Anamanaguchi, Nordloef, Comptroller and Ultrasyd, as well as some choice chiptune cuts. There's also lots of recap from the huge SuperByte Festival 2013, which took place in Manchester last weekend. SuperByte Festival 2013 poster

Subscribe to the podcast through iTunes, download the episode directly from or stream through Mixcloud.

Gamewave Podcast Episode 65: Interview Special by Joe E. Allen on Mixcloud

(And this is the old video Pete from Anamanaguchi mentions in the interview)

The Creators Project talks hardware w/ Comptroller, Environmental Sound Collapse, and A vs B

In the first of a three part series of interviews, The Creators Project talks with members of the Datathrash netlabel, looking at different set ups and styles of performing live chiptune music. The article even leads off with good pal Comptroller, and I am ecstatic to say that he uses a GP2X in his set up! I also had that strange, possibly illegal game system. I bought it instead of a PSP.

It's All In The Reflexes - A John Carpenter Tribute

Pterodactyl Squad have just sprung back into life with an 8-bit tribute to John Carpenter. It features contributions from R-Sunset, Comptroller, seal of quality, Videogame Orchestra, EvilWezil, Videovalvontaa, Lorenzo Music, OxygenStar, SLAW, arcadecoma. and Shrimps and is, as usual, free to grab from It's All In The Reflexes - A John Carpenter Tribute cover

Budgetary limitations faced by John Carpenter at the dawn of his career forced him to take to his synthesizer collection and create his own visionary lo-fi scores for his movies. Pioneering video game music composers were similarly restricted by primitive sound chips and as a result, tiny magical sounds were forced into existence. How minimal can minimal get? At Pterodactyl Squad HQ we decided to find out by marrying the greatest hits of John Carpenter with the style and hardware of vintage video game systems. It's all about doing much with not much. It's all in the creativity. It's all in the imagination. It's all in the reflexes.

To download, head on over to the release page.

GM4A Records presents - Beats of Rage debut self titled album

Comptroller - Challenge! Beats of Rage has seen the future, and robbed the past. All in an effort to destroy the present. As the head of their label I have received several transmissions from them along with their new album available to download here.

The official Beats of Rage release page

The first message contained the following,

"Beats of Rage have spent the last few months compiling and arranging noises spanning three decades of aggressive performance terror.

The work was not easy but the results are satisfying. Finally, a digital work has been produced that adequately summarises our activities and threats, and can be enjoyed on most circa-2010 audio devices. Please note, Quanta-3 content will not be accessable to the average listener until the proliferation of appropriate hardware in 2014."

This was followed by a subsequent missive, to tell the people of our time.

"This is it. The album is here and it is for you. Listen. You must do your best. Beats of Rage have done their work, and now it is up to you."

Week in Video Game Inspired Music 5/24 - 5/30

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This is an appropriate comic, seeing as how Capcom is sponsoring our show in Los Angeles. WEST COAST WIGOUT 2 with awesome swag. If you are in the area, then find out more through this link. In other appropriate comic news we will also be hearing from Random AKA Mega Ran with his newest album Forever Famicom, which comes out June 1st. Of course a write up on it will be up here on GM4A as well that day! Now on to all the news that's fit news?

Comptroller self titled album release for RPM Challenge

GM4A Records very own resident chiptune champion Comptroller has secretly been working hard on his efforts in the RPM Challenge. For those who don't know, the RPM Challenge is simply to "record an album in 28 days, just because you can." Comptroller has stepped up to this challenge by boarding himself up in his room, with only a Gameboy, and a Commodore 64, and no food or water...well except he did have food or water. Nourishment or not though, Comptroller has laid down ten tracks of chiptunes which are available for free download and streaming over at his brand new Bandcamp page.

From the heart thumping intro of Open to the glitched out reprise of Exapno Mapcase, the ten tracks certainly lead you on a whirlwind journey through the month in the making land comptroller has set before us in his self titled sophomore release. This album takes on a glitchier more electronic style then his hard rocking debut Challenge! But is every bit a worthy successor, and an amazing album well worth checking out! So go, check it out! right now!

GM4A Records presents Challenge! by Comptroller

Comptroller - Challenge! We at Game Music 4 All are proud to present GM4A Records' first release, the debut EP by Comptroller entitled Challenge!

Find out more and download through the GM4A Records release page!

Challenge! is the debut album from Comptroller, remastered and with new art and more. This is a must download release from a great up and coming chiptune artist out of Scotland. Be sure to give it a download and you will be rocking out on an intergalactic journey in no time!

Comptroller - Challenge! album release

Recently I was turned on to Scotland based chiptune composer Comptroller and his debut release Challenge! You can grab the album from his myspace page, and I highly recommend you do. This 5 song EP flows with funky grooves and catchy riffs. The album instills the image of space travel in my mind, from the opening tracks preparing to head into space, through the final three tracks which seem to take you across the solar system and entire galaxy. A personal favorite is track 2 Galactic Hero which starts off with a slow introduction and slides into a hectic up tempo beat and ends with an amazingly satisfying breakdown that made my heart pause for a split second.

Like I said, this is very recommended listening for anyone looking for some funky well written chiptunery. I for one can't wait to hear what Comptroller comes up with next!