Dwelling of Duels - Sidescroller Month Results

I know I am quite behind but better late than never right? Without too much of my squawking about this and that, here are the results for December 2008's Dwelling of Duels: Sidescroller Month. Congratulations to all the winners and be sure to download all the songs through this link.
Shnabubula: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Mega Man X - Playing Super Mario World While Taking Mushrooms
Brian Davis: Bucky O'Hare (NES) - "Let's Croak Toads!!!"
Prince Of Darkness, GuitarBizarre, Chris Feener: Actraiser - A Coele Usque Ad Centrum

Fourth Place - norg: Metal Slug - Allen O'Neil and Nario Take an Afternoon Stroll Through a Field of Poppies for a Picnic Lunch of Wine, Cheese, and Whale Face
Fifth Place (tie) - Danimal Cannon, Stemage, and Kbart: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project - BTMNTBAMLOL
Fifth Place (tie) - jaxx: Storm of Progear - Black Sky Jewel Harvest
Seventh Place - BrainCells: Revenge of Shinobi - Pump!
Eighth Place - Darmock: Sonic the Hedgehog - Stay Away From My Special Zone AKA Masatotarkus
Ninth Place - ansgaros: Journey to Silius, Batman, Bionic Commando, Werewolf: The last warrior, Ninja Gaiden - To Reminisce is to Relive
Tenth Place (tie) - cetera: Amagon - Lower Your Expectations by 1dB
Tenth Place (tie) - Ryan8bit: Double Dragon - My Girl Needs a Gut Punchin'
Twelfth Place (tie) - Hoha: Shatterhand - Shatter My Brain With My Hands
Twelfth Place (tie) - Snappleman: Super R-Type - Where No Mann Has Gone Before (part 1)
Twelfth Place (tie) - virt: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Enter the Turtle
Fifteenth Place - zangderak and sparky: U.N. Squadron - Gates of Hell (dedicated to a very special person in the Air Force)
Sixteenth Place - DrumUltimA: Sonic - Sonic Smooth
Seventeenth Place - zyk0: The Lost Vikings - Funk Like an Egyptian
Eighteenth Place - M-H: Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge (Gameboy) - Belmonts and Bondage
Ninteenth Place (tie) - cacomistle, chronolever, TheBeautyofGrind: Super Mario Land - Muda Morning
Ninteenth Place (tie) - Geoffrey Taucer, Jose the Bronx Rican: Donkey Kong Country 2 - Trapped in the Mines
Twenty-First Place - XMark: Sonic 2 - Mystic Chemicals
Twenty-Second Place (tie) - Harjawaldar: Dragon's Lair (NES) - Der Orden vom heiligen Geist
Twenty-Second Place (tie) - Skummel Maske: Shatterhand - Shatter This!
Twenty-Third Place - thesamareaye: Castlevania - The Vampire's Lament
Twenty-Fourth Place (tie) - Hope Fails: Power Blade - This Burden Grows, but Still I Can Fly
Twenty-Fourth Place (tie) - ryanisfootdrums: Alisia Dragoon (Genesis) - The Dragooner's Harp
Twenty-Sixth Place (tie) - Corax: Lifeforce - Glorious Gradius
Twenty-Sixth Place (tie) - Dr. Manhattan: Golden Axe 2 - Burning Villages Down
Twenty-Eighth Place (tie) - tibone: Mega Man - Elecman Likes Guitars
Twenty-Eighth Place (tie) - Wizwars: Castlevania - Time's Up!
Thirtieth Place - bjkmenu: Earthworm Jim - Groovy Jim Hurts My Ear
Thirty-First Place - TheoConfidor: Mega Man ZX: Advent - Dance of Destiny
Thirty-Second Place - Rasgar: Mega Man Zero 3 - Dance of the Winter
Thirty-Third Place (tie) - Mattias Holmgren: Blaster Master - Mastered Blaster
Thirty-Third Place (tie): naz: Mega Man 3 - Protocool
Thirty-Fifth Place (tie) - dasaten: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Sticky Portrait of Michiru Yamane
Thirty-Fifth Place (tie) - Nario: Mega Man 2 - Crash Man Takes Piano Lessons

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