Halloween Hip Hop: In Transylvania by Neally and DJ Dig Dug & Rhyme Torrents Halloween v4

Not content to do just one song, nerdcore duo Neally and DJ Dig Dug saw fit to make an entire Halloween EP. In Transylvania is that EP, containing six songs full of scary samples, awesome raps, and rocking beats. I Now Say kicks things off featuring the requisite tribute to Dracula filled with ridiculous lyrics and classic vampire clips. Warped sounds bring us into Soda Pop Rocks, which, as the title indicates, has to do with the horrors of drinking Soda with Pop Rocks. The winding lo-fi tune works great for this short and clever tune. Definitely a stand out track on this EP.

The third track, Autumn Moon takes another twist, opening with some haunting vocals, setting up the werewolf fueled premise of this song. The song then switches to a rapping style, and does a great job making sure the switch offs between the somber singing and more in your face rapping run together very well. The music side of the song is on the simple side, using mostly drums and synths, but interspercing it with howls and haunting violins to great effect. This brings us to my favorite track on the album, My Zombie Girlfriend (featuring Lakeside). Starting out with a soft rocking guitar, drums, vocals combo, the song then shifts to an electronic chorus which continues to hold in the harder rocking second verse. The song itself is a surprisingly love filled track about a man and his girlfriend. Zombies as a metaphor for whatever else people want to inject in it's place is a well known movie idea. Neally and DJ Dig Dug along with female vocalist Lakeside use this idea to their advantage to create a nerdy romantic song that keeps from easily treading into cliche territory.

The album steps back into the more ridiculous with Nymphomancer. With a chorus of "I'm a level ninety-nine mother fuckin' nymphomancer / Before you ask your questions I can give you all the answers." the song plays up the angle of the necromancing playboy. The album comes to an end with the title track In Transylvania which gives a hard rocking hip hop historical tour of Dracula's home town. The song build and builds, spiraling into a rauckus track, which peters out at the very and brings the EP to a close.

This album has been getting quite a few plays in my iTunes lately and I very much suggest you check it out. You can download the album free at Neally and DJ Dig Dug's website neallydjdigdug.com.

That's not it for the Halloween festivities though, We also have...

For the fourth Halloween in a row the Rhymetorrents community has saw fit to combine their nerdy with all things evil and supernatural and bring us Rhyme Torrents Halloween v4, which is of course free to download. The compilation features some great new tracks from some of the RT communities best, and about everything from zombies and vampires, to horror novels, and yes, survival horror video games.

Once there you might also notice that RT has gone over one big redesign, so why not use this as a great opportunity to sign up and be part of the liveliest nerdcore hip hop community on the web!

Full tracklist, including tons of awesome collaborations below.
01 – Killer Nocturne – Magitek
02 – House o’ Terror – Spandex Moose
03 – Zombie Evolution (feat. Madface) – D20
04 – My Server is Down – Antisoc
05 – Thanks for the Add (Antisoc Industrial Remix) – Brad Sucks
06 – Caught in the Grip of the Silent Hill Madness – Character Battle Excellent All Star Super Team featuring Luigi, Blanka, and Tails
07 – Lavender Town – Fanatical, B-Type & B0wlman
08 – Three Wolves Howling at the Moon – Shamus Oddish, Mister B-Type, MC Wreckshin & Chozo Ninpo
09 – Rhyme Your Own Adventure – jprime & Legendary Wizard
10 – Jigsaw – Billy the Fridge
11 – Sexy Supervillian – Fanatical
12 – The Dead – MERCER
13 – Serial Killer – Sir-Up
14 – The Cauld Lad of Hylton – B-Type
15 – Meowlori – Emperor Pilaf
16 – Haunting You – Thugmasta J & MC Wreckshin
17 – Perfect White Knight – Ultraklystron

Chozo Ninpo's Open Letter to Dan Lemoroux

This sort of caught me by surprise, but I always pegged Chozo Ninpo as a good guy. Even if he is a little in your face. That fact plus the incredible comradery experienced at Nerdapalooza 2008 (which I will write about soon, I swear!), I should have seen this coming. I know not everyone knows all the facts surrounding this whole feud with Dan Lemoroux of the documentary Nerdcore for Life. Many more of you may not even have known of any sort of bad blood at all, but for those in the know, this is a bit of an important post. Read on good sirs and ma'ams.

Dan Lemoroux

I bet you were expecting this to be some kind of huge hate thread, or like, posting of the recent letters and messages, but I'm really about to surprise and disappoint, yet shock and amaze you all at the same time.

I don't care about the past shit, none of it. I just got back from the biggest nerd music gathering that I've ever even dreamed about, and it got me thinking.
I felt that NAPse was my dream for INFO come true, much like NC4L being popular probably is for you, and since most of the other beefs in nerdcore were squashed at the show, I felt that maybe it's time that we both man up and squash ours, too.

I've talked to a lot of people that have taken both sides of our arguments, and frankly, I've realized that your opinion of me, and my opinion of you, are just our opinions, and that it's stupid to sit here and make it any more than just that.
I'm not saying that I'm going back on anything I've said, and I'm not saying you have to either. I just think that we'll have to chalk all the past shit up to being an agreement to disagree, and that we both acted shitty to each other.
I'm willing to apologize for being so immature about it. When I could have simply said "I don't believe that is factually correct", I was instead pissed off about what seemed like continuous attacks on my show, and called you a liar. I apologize for the personal attacks because I really need to grow out of that shit if I want to become the friendly neighborhood promoter guy.

Contrary to popular belief of how I feel, I honestly think that it's not worth continuing this "feud" because all it's doing is making both of us look like stubborn dicks, and presenting a crappy image to anyone that might be checking all this out for their first time, or anyone else for that matter.
I know you don't want people to see your movie and stumble upon me calling you a piece of shit and saying your movie sucks. I'll definitely say that I don't agree with everything in it, but I do think that you took something no one really cared about, and made it into something people want to know about, which is GREAT.
And as a promoter, I don't enjoy people coming here and seeing you say that I'm a piece of shit and so on and so forth.

As two of what I like to call "important promotional tools" for nerdcore, I think that continuing on the old path hurts our own reputations, and hurts the reputation of nerdcore as well, and my ego can't handle someone not listening to metamystiks or any of the other talented people here just because the forums are on fire over some shit I might be able to put a stop to especially if I started it.

Whether I like it or not, you've done something important for the scene, and whether you like it or not, I promote the fuck out of this shit too, including helping to sponsor NAPse and doing the BAWLS energy drink promotional pictures.

I mean it, I promise to smile and not start shit with you, if you agree to smile and not start shit with me.
Like Doctor Popular said to me yesterday, the two of us should be able to co-exist in the same space because ultimately we're spreading the same message, and the petty squabbling is just getting in the way of our goals.

I think it's time for a change.
- Chozo Ninpo

So there you have it, If this were some sort of public speech I would be the first one clapping.