Various VGM artists remix the music of Big Giant Circles in 'The Glory Days Remixed'


An array of video game musicians congregate over 11 remixed tracks from Big Giant Circles' original The Glory Days album. Nearly every name on the list of remixers has been a favorite musician of mine at some point through this blogs history. Even with compilations and collaborations happening easier than ever thanks to easy internet file sharing, it's still amazing to me to see a gathering of musicians of this caliber for one purpose. 

This album also scribbles all over the blurry line that now exists between video game music, and video game remixes.

The songs themselves are as vibrant and varied as the contributors themselves. Stemage and Zantzilla go on a chip rock rendezvous in their remix of Snowcones. Mega Ran, who is clearly in the running for hardest working man in nerdcore, appears with a gritty flow on the track Vindicate Me. One of the stand out track on early listens has been the aggressively funky electronic keyboards of C-Jeff's 'No Party like a Mojang Party remix. Nothing says Glory Days like this arcade rocking dance track.

With musicians like these, you can't go wrong, grab the album starting from $10 on the Big Giant Circles bandcamp page.

Chipzel writes A Complete History of Chiptunes


"Music Made on Game Boys Is a Much Bigger Deal Than You'd Think."

It’s early summer in 2011 and I’m at a venue somewhere in New York’s Meatpacking District, about to perform to a crowd of at least a thousand people. I’m very much a newcomer to the scene at this point—19 and totally fan-girling, surrounded by people I’ve followed and idolized for years.

I look to the stage and see my humble little setup—two original Nintendo Game Boys connected to a DJ mixer, a common choice for your typical chiptune artist. Excitement builds as I accept the fact that I’m finally here (albeit completely shitting it) at Blip Festival, the most renowned event for chiptune enthusiasts in the world. What had seemed like a dream when I started out stared back at me two thousand-fold from the crowd...
Chipzel (for Vice)

Read the full article by clicking here. Chipzel covers tons of artists and ideas in the limited space provided, but as with any such project, there is a lot left on the cutting room floor. What do you think about the article? Who are some of the chiptune musicians and moments that have been most influential to you? Tell us in the comments below!