Chiptots - l.i.g.u.e.o.s.p.i.x.e.!.s album release

So soon after Chibi Ma wrote about their latest EP Chiptots are already back with their first full length album l.i.g.u.e.o.s.p.i.x.e.!.s, and as anticipated it is truly something amazing!

The eleven song album picks up where the self titled debut ended. With more catchy rhythms, chippy chirps, video games samples, and rock and roll attitude. Unfortunately, as with their last release, I don't speak Portuguese so sadly I have no idea what their songs may be about. Luckily it doesn't take away from the enjoyment of their hard rocking tracks. Hopefully I may have a fuller review of this album out soon as I am a huge fan and this small blurb can in no way do this impressive album justice!

Chiptot's New Release!! "Chip Goes Pop"

Add a few classics, a dash of new, cover it with chip and, POP! you have a new EP by Chiptots. "Chip Goes Pop" is an energized collection of oldies and popular songs re-done just to fit anyone's fancy. It's upbeat twist will get you belting out the Jackson 5, Katy Perry, Ben E. King, A-Ha, Cyndi Lauper and even some...Spice Girls?! Here is the track list.

1. ABC
2. Hot'n Cold
3. Stand By Me
4. Take On Lover
5. Time After Time

Out of this bunch, it's hard to say which did I like better than the other but i will have to say Stand By Me is what really made me smile from ear to ear. Who knew that a chiptune version of a 60's classic could be so pleasing to hear! Download this, turn up the speakers and get ready to dance like no one's watching! Tell us what you want, what you really-really want? You want this. Trust me.

Hey! Listen! volume 1 mixtape from Game Music 4 All

I am very happy to announce volume 1 in a series of 5 song "mixtapes" from GM4A. The series is called Hey! Listen! and asks you to do just that! The goal of these mixtapes is to introduce you to bands, musicians, and artists who you may have never discovered otherwise. These are amazing folks who deserve recognition and I hope to help them out with that the best I can from this humble corner of the internet. Each volume will include five bands as well as an up and coming artist providing the cover art. Our first collection includes songs from seal of quality, Chiptots, Lumine Hall, Alex Atchley, and Tanuki Suit Riot, and the amazing cover is brought to us by Sasha Palacio.

Download the album (including art, lyrics, and liner notes)
In RAR file | In ZIP file

Liner Notes | Lyrics

High Quality Artwork | Wallpaper

Track listing and artwork:
1. seal of quality - woodman + bubbleman

2. Lumine Hall - Take My Heart, Take My Hand

3. Chiptots - Galleno

4. Alex Atchley - Escape Pod

5. Tanuki Suit Riot - Mega Man Master Spark Mandrill

Album Artwork by Sasha Palacio
Sasha Palacio's DeviantArt

About the artwork:
The woman on the cover is named Haiku, Sasha gives this story about her
"Haiku's Story: Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Haiku is a High School senior, gamer, anime fan, and artist. Her Father is a wealthy art collector and once famous Artist himself before his stroke. Her Mother is a beautiful Poet and had named Haiku after the beautiful Japanese form of poetry. Haiku's name held beauty, strength, and deep meaning. Haiku does have a deeper meaning, little does she know, she's the reincarnation of the famous High Priestess that guards the gates to Heaven."

Thank you to everyone who downloads this album, I hope it gets you to find out more about these fantastic musicians and our amazing album cover artist. Thanks to my friends who gave me feedback on the album. Thanks to Alex Atchley for hosting the album on Hotdog Storm. And of course thanks to everyone who contributed to this first mixtape, and look out for volume 2 coming soon!

Chiptots debut EP released

New chiptune rock band out of Brazil, Chiptots, has released their brand new debut EP. You can download the six track self titled EP dircetly through this link, You can also check out their tunes, read up on their song lyrics (in Portuguese) and download the album from their myspace page. I have definitely fallen in love with this EP as of late, and I definitely recommend it to anyone with an affinity for amazing music.

On another note you might also recognize these folks as the well known VG rock band 8 Bit Instrumental, who also released a new album not too long ago.