UKGC dual album releases. SNOGS - MisterB, uk.geek.core - Category

Two album releases from two great friends recently! The first one comes to us via podcasting buddy MisterB. His new album, SNOGS, is 13 tracks of pure British charm. Condensed into rap form and delivered to you via the internet! Check out MisterB's myspace or download the album in RAR format through this link here!

Next album is brought to us by other world famous UK geeky rapper and coiner of the term UK GeekCore, Category. His new release, aptly named uk.geek.core is 13 tracks (and one remix) of punk rock rap flows. Be sure to check out this album at Category's myspace or download the .ZIP file here.

Nerdapalooza UK Saturday June 14th!

So Nerdapalooza UK is this very weekend. If you are anywhere in the UK you have to go! I heard England is pretty small so you don't really have an excuse. Anyway, here's MisterB, good friend and event coordinator to tell you all about it!

Just writing to let you know that after an intermittent year or so of planning, Nerdapalooza UK is now less than a week away, the big day being Saturday June 14th 2008. We have a pretty solid cross section of musical nerds representing their scenes and I'm very proud of how its all come together!

The line up currents stands as:

Amy Fan Flyy, Darlings of the touring circuit playing their 8-bit Power pop sound in support of their unfathomably adorably named album, "Dinosaurs go Rwarr"

Superpowerless, rising West Yorkshire group who after a small amount of gigs, have cultivated a passionate fan-base drawn to their guitar-fueled, chiptune melodies and hauntingly sweet vocals

Dan Plus Add, Digital Folk Rocker behind the recent single "Right Man in the Wrong Place" and popular Twitter Meme "The Coultometer" will be playing tracks from his new album "Matters of Great Importance" and debut album "Of FNARs and ZINGs". Expect sing-alongs!

Combat Dave, High Energy Chiptunist invited to play Nerdapalooza-UK following a bewildering opening set at Liverpool-based "Chipfest II"

Category, Father of UK-Nerdrap and veteran of Nerdapalooza's, having played at its very first incarnation in California, makes his way from Southampton to showcase tracks from his upcoming album "uk.geek.core"

The CamPanulas, rising from the seabed to share with you a goofy, let almost experimental blend of geeky yet cerebral lyrics and playful guitar rock

MisterB, Bradford resident and festival organiser known for a punk-style approach to rap vocals, as well as being one half of the "Letters vs Numbers" pod cast, opens the festival with energetic nerdcore.

It is, the best to my knowledge, the first festival of its kind in the UK, the first of many I hope! With any luck, it will inspire a new wave of Brit dudes and dudettes to sneak onto Myspace with songs about Red Dwarf, H2G2, and the Amiga!

Come on down, Delius Pub, Claremont Street, Bradford (near the University!) I will buy you a pint!