Brand new interview with The Kode up now! It’s a very interesting interview with three members of the Boston based band. Check it out!
For owners of the new DS Lite, has your hinge got a crack in it? mine does.

Nintendo of America, and Nintendo of Europe have both agreed to fix the defect in the DS Lites free of charge, just contact Nintendo’s customer service.
Betamod has some new forums up that they just started, and are hankering for some members. check it out at http://betamod.com/forum/.
Band Totally Radd!! have added a new song to their site, Here is what they have to say, “It's been a long time in the making, but we've finally put a brand new song on our profile!

The song is called Cold Moonlight and features the beautiful vocals of Juliette Commagere of Hello Stranger (formerly Vagenius).

Keep an eye on our page, as we'll be posting a couple more brand new ones for your earballs in the next few days.”
Also, I just had to mention something I am very excited about. From Behemoth, the independent creators of Alien Hominid, comes Castle Crashers, a game they recently announced that is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. I loved Alien Hominid, and this game looks to be every bit as amazing.