This week we are celebrating 23 years of Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening music

This Saturday marks the 23rd anniversary of the Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening,  will turn 23, in honor of that, I'm highlighting some of my favorite covers and remixes of music from Link's first  foray into the world of handhelds.

I can't think of a better song to kick the week off than this short but over-the-top rearrangement of the opening music from the game by7 Careless Juja

Check out Careless Juja's latest VGM arrangement album, Legend of the Boar Knight

released 07 March 2015

All Songs Arranged by Careless and Juja
Story Written by Peter Pepper & Careless
Recorded in Home Studios in Sarasota, FL; Tampa, FL; Cape Coral, FL; Orlando, FL; Spanish Fork, Utah; San Francisco, CA; Austin, TX; Boston, MA; Oxford, London, UK; New York, NY; and on various airplanes. October 2009-October 2014

Edited By Careless & Brandon Strader
Mixed and Mastered by Brandon Strader
Track Data Formatting by Rob “boR” Pittsley
Art and Visual Formatting by Jaime Kittens
Produced By Careless
ShinRa Electric Records 2014

Careless Juja perform Phantom Forest from Final Fantasy VI

New arrangement from upcoming Legend of the Boar Knight album.

Listen to this wonderful rendition of Phantom Forest by Carelss Juja. This track was funded by fans thanks to the groups Kickstarter, which was fully funded about a month ago. Backers are receiving the kickstarted album Professor Layton and the Bay Harbor Butcher. As a surprise announcement, Careless Juja has decided to commit an entire second album of VGM to disc in the sudden follow up story album, Legend of The Boar Knight. 

The artwork above is the finalized disc art for the album, and was created by Kittens Of Industry.