Majora's Mask inspired 'The ΜΩΩΝ: The RemixTape' by AGenius & company

The end comes around again. 

The ΜΩΩΝ (original album) was a major success for me, so I thought that a RemixTape was in order for producers that wanted to put their own spin on its tracks. Several very talented producers showed up, and this is their works compiled into one tape. Thanks to all who made The first ΜΩΩΝ a success and these guys that contributed. Much much love to you all.

Hope you enjoy!

-AGenius #MadGalaxy2014

P.S. - The original “Grammy (prod. Natsu Fuji)” has been added as a bonus.
released August 18, 2014

Contributing producers/remixers:
Natsu Fuji -
uRiah -
Flxtch! -
CDeVon -
Grizzly F.O.G. -
Perry the Producer -
D-Shocka -

Executive producers: AGenius & Angelica Grace
— AGenius