Week in Video Game Inspired Music 4/12 - 4/18

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to another edition of the long absent Week in VGIM round up. I am glad to announce it's return as we now have a weekly comic strip to go with it! I would like to present the above comic, which is part one in the Neally & DJ Dig Dug comic series. A group you might recognize as being on GM4A Records. Be on the lookout for a new comic every Sunday! Thanks to Neally for the hard work!


MOON8 - Brad Smith's chiptune tribute to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album release

Every so often a chiptune musician or group of musicians will pay homage to a classic album or artist of the past. Sometimes these albums become classics of chiptunes in their own right, or sometimes they fall square on their pixelated face. I am happy to announce that programmer and musician Brad Smith's tribute to Pink Floyd falls in the former category. I can say that MOON8 is quite an amazing album, as both a huge fan of chiptunes as well as Pink Floyd.

The album is presented in Pink Floyd's original vinyl format of two sides, and following the original album very closely. The album manages very well not to sound robotic, instead creating a warm mood with many interesting twists along the way. especially when hearing the sound effects of tracks like Money, and Time. Not to mention the thoroughly well done Great Gig in the Sky. Amazingly this is all done within the limits of an everyday NES.

This album is definitely worth a listen, and will hopefully join the Kind of Bloop and WANNA HLD YR HANDHELD albums in the growing list of fantastic chiptune tributes to classic musicians.

Head over to the official MOON8 album page and download the album, and give it a thorough listening. Bonus points if you can sing along with the whole album!