From Sky to Surface: A Tribute to The Legend of Zelda by Bleeding Ink


Legend of Zelda is certainly my thing, in case you had not noticed, what with all the consistent Zelda coverage. Despite that, Bleeding Ink stands out as a hard edged approach to the normally melodic and adventurous style of the series. Tracks like "Song of Time" and "Dragon Roost Island" are given some heavy metal rearrangements that will get your blood pumping.

I would definitely add this to my workout song list if I worked out.

After an album's worth of hard rocking instrumentals, Bleeding Ink changes things up with a vocal arrangement of Ballad of the Goddess, mixing the symphonic Zelda music with the hard rocking attitude of the album. The only issue I have is that BI didn't include lyrics on the bandcamp page.

You can name your price for this eleven track tribute to the renowned music of the Legend of Zelda series via the Bleeding Ink bandcamp page.