Listen to SUBCON podcast 15 - Comparing Jay-Z to LoZ, and talking Smash Bros DLC

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Four artists never before highlighted on the podcast, RunC.T., Aquma, Marcus & Rome, and music from Steven Universe! More VG based hip hop than you can shake a stick at. Brand new mashups, beats, and original rhymes from the new challengers and more.

This week's 'Video Game Based Lyrics Corner' features the lyrics of Jay-Z, by way of Legend of Zelda. I also discuss the latest Smash Bros DLC news, and implore you, those listening at home, to use your heart, and your rupees to help support this podcast!

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Move that Dope: Rap duo Marcus & Rome drop Rated 'D' For Dope EP

Light it up. 

Technically sound, extra catchy, lyrically smart, AND with heart. Been looking forward to reviewing this album, because that means I get to call listening to this album 'work.'  The Maryland born, Philly based rap duo drop an eight track EP that burns hot straight through. This is the sort of album I created SUBCON to showcase. You can bet M&R will make an appearance on the show soon (like, the next episode soon). 

M&R lay it all out as soon as the album starts with an autobiographical account most retrogamers have lived in the Yoshi based, Bknapp produced opener, "Press Start." 

SHVKVZULU's glitched beats crack the album open, and quickly takes a dark turn to fit the mood.  The shot firing "HM02 as Fuck" may already got my new vote for best Pokemon rap ever (No, the official Pokemon rap does not even make top five).

"Ice Cap/Aquatic Mine drops the duo in the back to back sonic beats. The flow gets out of control before switching into a smooth, low key closer.

I review the track Gorrila Tactics on an upcoming episode of SUBCON. Get hyped!

"Hero of Rhyme" is another banger over fan favorite Legend of Zelda theme Gerudo Valley. Judging by the love shown at the end of this track, I believe more LoZ based M&R is on the way. Sounds like they got enough memories in them to go full Zelda on the next release. I say all this because the track is a teasingly short minute long without the closing speech.

"Ring Out" may be the  sneaky best track on the album. They bring back the grime, constantly dropping rings and some of the best lines on the album. So many replays for hip hop heads, with the fast pace and surprising rhymes. 

The duo go clutch and kill it on the finale. "No Johns Freestyle" is dedicated to all the smash players, even 'filthy casuals" like me.

Rated 'D' For Dope is stuck in my rotation as I write this. If you hit play, it can easily infest your music player as well. Keep your finger on the rewind button for this one.

‘D’ For Dope content is generally suitable for gamers, hip-hop heads, and/or filthy casuals. May contain suggestive rhyme schemes, immature humor, partial nudity, use of drugs, and/or frequent use of strong bars.
— Marcus & Rome

SNES BEATS VOL 1 & 2, Super Nintendo inspired hip hop remixes from Bknapp


One album of chill hip hop videogame beats deserves another. Illinois beatsmith BKnapp dropped back to back albums of SNES inspired beats. I have personally put these beats to the Mario Kart test. For the uninitiated, the MK test is simply, if I toss these beats on, and hit the online in the latest Mario Kart, how much ass do I kick?

Well much ass was kicked over the half hour of BKnapp beats I listened to.

The first beat tape collects classic music from Donkey Kong Country 2, Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past, Secret of Mana, and Super Mario World 1 & 2. Excellent but not overbearing use of in game sound effects keep the original source of these memorable tracks firmly in mind. Every track holds its ground on the album and all are worth a listen.

The "Legend of Zelda - Select Screen" remix is a definite stand out, considering it is based on the Fairy Fountain theme, AKA best song in Zelda history. The beat takes the soothing melody and drops some up tempo drums and adds a few of those aforementioned SFX. It creates a juicy clip of music that I would love to hear an MC spit over, or at least a clever mashup.

BKnapp's second album of SNES BEATS gathers a wider variety of games, adding Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger, Mega Man 7, and the original DKC to the collection. The Super Metroid beat, "Red Soil" is absolutely delicious. The ominous Metroid track pairs perfectly with the deep bass synth to get that deep dark inner cavern vibe going.

Both albums are available for streaming and free download on the BKnapp bandcamp page.