Betamod Netlabel rises from the ashes

As you may or may not recall from the early days of GM4A, I used to speak a lot about the amazing chiptune albums coming from the camp over at Betamod. Unfortunately, after a hacker broke the website, the Betamod netlabel slowly faded into the internet of yesterday.

Just recently though, Player Two, head of Betamod, has announced that he has redesigned, and relaunched Betamod for the new decade! There are a ton of what I consider classic chiptune albums available once again on this site, and I highly recommend you head over and peruse their old releases (Particularly the Next Level compilation, and the Twilight Division EPs) at All music on Betamod is free to download as well. I for one am very glad that Betamod is back and hope to hear much more out of them throughout the year.

Neapolitan Ice Cream

Artist Roshi has released a new 3 song EP on Betamod. The Neapolitan Ice Cream EP has a song for every color in the neapolitan ice cream rainbow. Starting with strawberry, then moving on to vanilla, ending with the delicious taste of chocolate. Or at least the musical equivalent of yummy chocolate ice cream. You can download the album free at Betamod and enjoy the cold creamy goodness!

Super Awesome

"I am chaos. I am the substance from which your artists and scientists build rhythms. I am the spirit with which your children and clowns laugh in happy anarchy. I am chaos. I am alive, and I tell you that you are free."

Chiptunist Pawel has just released his amazing new 5 track EP on Betamod recently. The album is titled Super Awesome and you can download it free at the betamod website.

You can also find out more about Pawel and hear more of his catchy music on his myspace page or blog.


If you're into video game music you'll probably be familiar with the concept of netlabels. Netlabels are usually online music labels or catalogues which distribute and promote music, often for free. Some of the most prominent VGM netlabels are 8bitpeoples, Betamod and Mega Twerp. It can be hard to keep track of releases made by the multitude of netlabels, but a site called bleepwatch is willing to do this for you. Calling itself the netlabel blog, bleepwatch makes a post every time a new netlabel release is made. The site covers mainly electronic music, but there is a specific chiptune section. Check it out!

Semi-New and New Betamod Albums

While on hiatus I failed to mention three awesome and free releases from Betamod. First up is the compilation released by our friends Gamewave Podcast. [Now hosted on Pterodactyl Squad] Gamewave Podcast Compilation Volume 1 features ten tracks from ten amazing hand picked artists.


The next album is Mr. Spastic's amazing 6 track EP 8 to 16 Bit.


Finally, kicking off the new year with a bang comes the new EP from Twilight Division, The Dream Master.


Grassnose, Temp Sound Solutions, The Advantage, Air Fortress, Parasprinter, PAX, Video Armageddon 2, Spheres of Chaos

Betamod has recently released the newest album on their label. This one coming out thanks to Grassnose. The EP, titled Tamalian, includes four tracks. The tracks are...

1. Slender Approach
2. Waiting for Mom
3. Pedro
4. Purr Blazed

As the above flyer illustrates. Shawn Phase AKA Temp Sound Solutions will be playing at The Talking Head in Baltimore, MD this Thursday, August 24th. Other upcoming shows include The Advantage tonight in Boston, MA and tomorrow in Providence, RI. Also three shows going down on Friday. Air Fortress is at the K Street Cafe and Theatre in Portland, OR. The Advantage and Parasprinter have a show together at the American Legion Hall in Wallingford, CT. And finally, the big kick off of the much anticipated Penny Arcade Expo which lasts until Sunday.

News coming from our friends Year 200X that the date and the location for Video Armageddon 2 has been set. The concert, which includes the likes of This Place is Haunted, Year 200X, Powerglove, and Shawn Phase is set to go down on October 28th. All the latest information can be found at the Video Armageddon 2 myspace site. Also to be found on the site is an exclusive track by Year 200X named Life Force.
Great friends Spheres of Chaos have a new website. You can check it out at They are also recording a brand new album which has a tentative street date of October. Joe Allen, Spheres of Chaos drummer, and co-host of Gamewave Podcast, guarantees ten tracks of great video game metal.


The Good Nintentions Cosplay Ball is tonight! With bands Entertainment System, Chromelodeon, Temp Sound Solutions, and Geist. This is what ES had to say about the show, “Otakon was great last year, but this year they didn't want band acts at the con. We're throwing a concert on the Friday of the con so all the awesome people that saw us last year can still come out and rock this year. What an amazing line up, opening we have the J-pop power punk of annapolis natives Geist, next our good pal Temp Sound Solution, which will be followed by the non-stop video game rock'n'roll of ES, then as if that was'nt alread ythe most awesome thing you ever heard of CHROMELODEON from Philly is closing with a mind bending explosion of sound and light! this show is taking place only a few blocks from the convention center and it should be one to remember. if you're not from the area and have any questions about the venue and getting there, feel free to message us.”
If you are in or near Vienna, Virginia, tonight Play! A Videogame Symphony is coming to your town at the Wolf Trap Filene Center. For you folks in Chicago, Illinois this Saturday Video Games Live is in your town occupying the Rosemont Theatre.
Artist Elijah B. Torn is playing this Saturday in Baltimore, Maryland, and Sunday night in New York, New York. Check out his site for more info.

Betamod have recently released their newest EP by musician Shaun Knighton. The Ep, entitled Frozen, is three songs long, and is guaranteed to keep you cool from the summer heat. Track list below.

1. Frozen
2. Painting with Grey Matter
3. Recharge

MegaTwerp is also sending some music our way in the form of an album from Elegant Men. This duo consists of musicians Spookmeister C and Spamtron. The album, Elegance, is going for $6 (this is with shipping included). It consists of 12 genre spanning songs and clocks in at near thirty minutes. Track List is as follows.

1. Vincent Price
2. Gary Busey
3. James Brown
4. Charles Bronson
5. Phil Collins
6. John Travolta
7. Moe, Larry, and Curly
8. Christopher Walken
9. Charlton Heston
10. Tim Curry
11. Bruce Campbell
12. Elegant Woman

But that’s not it! “Using samples from Elegance along with other sources, Spamtron has created some remixes and original compositions and even some covers that blend perfectly (in my eyes) together. I tend to chime in every now and then, but it's mostly Spamtron's thing. This one is a lil bit more laid back, but don't let it catch you off guard. I really enjoy this one, and hopefully you all will, too. - Spookmeister C”
Yes, along with the Album Elegance, several chiptune artists have decided to remix several tracks of the album, and decided to call this remix album, Elegant Dudes. This album will come free for those who order the Elegance album. It consists of 12 Tracks and is 23 minutes in length.


Entertainment System has new shirts for sale, going for $15. You can order them from their site, or by going to

(Entertainment System shirt design)

Revy has a new song on his site, a remix of Player Two's track, Counter Couture, the song will also be featured on his upcoming EP "Outdoor Adventures EP" which will be released by Betamod.
The Flight Orchestra has recently finished his newest album. The Military of Fatima, it will consist of eleven tracks. Track listing is as follows.

fatimas march
i feel as if i am wearing the same clothes
how fast the fast fast with trepidation
bbbbauutifulll white flags
win one for the endless empire empire and the neverending day
the haunt

TFO also has a new website coming soon at
Push Start is interviewed on Game Music Radio. To listen in, head on over to and ”Listen Now” to the latest episode of The Next Level.
Also, remember to continue to check on the events section. We are constantly updating and adding new events.


Brand new interview with The Kode up now! It’s a very interesting interview with three members of the Boston based band. Check it out!
For owners of the new DS Lite, has your hinge got a crack in it? mine does.

Nintendo of America, and Nintendo of Europe have both agreed to fix the defect in the DS Lites free of charge, just contact Nintendo’s customer service.
Betamod has some new forums up that they just started, and are hankering for some members. check it out at
Band Totally Radd!! have added a new song to their site, Here is what they have to say, “It's been a long time in the making, but we've finally put a brand new song on our profile!

The song is called Cold Moonlight and features the beautiful vocals of Juliette Commagere of Hello Stranger (formerly Vagenius).

Keep an eye on our page, as we'll be posting a couple more brand new ones for your earballs in the next few days.”
Also, I just had to mention something I am very excited about. From Behemoth, the independent creators of Alien Hominid, comes Castle Crashers, a game they recently announced that is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. I loved Alien Hominid, and this game looks to be every bit as amazing.


No lack of news going into this weekend. Push Start is going to be getting some air time on Spread Radio Live this Sunday, June 25th. So definitely check that out!
In new releases we have Twilight Division who has a new EP release on Betamod. Also good friend The Flight Orchestra has a new song available for download, It’s the title theme to his forthcoming album Military of Fatima, and is entitled Fatima’s March. So head on over to his site.
Spike TV recently recorded a half hour television special about Video Games Live which will be airing midnight July 1st on Spike TV show Gamehead. The show will also be viewable streaming on the internet starting July 2nd on the Gamehead website.
Some great giveaways happening. San Antonio, Texas based video game store Premium Games is having an awesome little giveaway of Halo Preview Comics tomorrow over on their contest giveaway page, More info there and more upcoming giveaways from them on the way. Also be sure to check them out because they are working on a great, free VGM compilation including several very good bands. Another great giveaway going on is with Radio Sega whom are celebrating Sonic’s 15th birthday by playing all Sonic tunes and giving away lots of video games and t-shirts. So be sure to head on over there!