Asis Galvin - Okami Mini-Mixtape

I have to admit that I have never played Okami, despite having the opportunity to do so over several consoles I've owned. I do regret it (along with Godhand) for missing some games from the short-lived Clover after enjoying Viewtiful Joe so much on the Gamecube. This isn't about me and my secret shames though, it's about you, the real Okami fans.

Asis Galvin drops an ambient instrumental mixtape featuring music from Okami. Return to the world of Okami again, at least until they make another remake of it.

Asis Galvin - Super Smash Bros Remixed OST

Asis Galvin lights it up again. This time, the very familiar music from Smash Bros Brawl gets the treatment in Galvin's 2012 Super Smash Bros Remixed OST. Fighting anthems are morphed into hot hip hop beats (which you can still definitely fight to). I know I'm hitting mute and tossing this album on next time the GCN controllers come out for some Brawl.

Asis Galvin, PMC, and Raisi K - Megaman 3 OST​-​R Mixtape

You aren't just dealing with a mega man, but a group of mega men. Asis Galvin gathers PMC and Raisi K to bring you a mixtape remixing the entirety of the Mega Man III soundtrack into head bobbing hip hop beats. Get lost in the rhythm and bounce as you teleport to the next evil lair to defeat that insidious evil doctor for the last time.

Asis Galvin's retro hip hop remix album The Game Over Mixtape Vol 2

More dope beats from Asis Galvin in The Game Over Mixtape Vol 2. Like the album cover implies, there are plenty of hot Super Mario mixes to drop some lines to. Asis flips the script by tossing in a handful of laid back beats featuring music from the relatively very new Final Fantasy XIII-2 along with a couple other games new and old but all fresh.

Asis Galvin - Game Over The Mixtape (Vol 1)


Topping off at 20 tracks, including a few I've heard underneath various VG inspired rappers, is the 2011 mixtape by Asis Galvin. Galvin presents Game Over The Mixtape (Vol 1). Catchy club banging beats and smooth rap ballads galore, with just as wide a variety of video games as the source material.