"Future Hop" - Antisoc

Future Hop
Antisoc has released a new album, FROM THE FUTURE! Bringing you all some tasty Nerdcore music to upload into your inventory, you will be pleasantly fulfilled. For those of you who don't know who he is (shame on you!), he is an artist who has been involved with the online Nerdcore community for a while now. He has released 3 albums, "Depressed Nerd", "Anomalous Materials Laboratory", and "White Colla Chryme", and has remixed YTCracker's tracks.

With various electronic beats layered on with a snarky-tude (yes I combined the word attitude with snarky) Antisoc creates music that anyone can move their body to. It's heavy and it hits hard, but in a loving way! He covers all things that are nerdy and that are future like partying up on Guitar Hero, Time traveling, letting you know how to say his name correctly, and space is really really big.  The intro is hilarious to any gamer as well. My personal favorites on this album are definitely "Adsense Ambition" and "Future hop".   "Adsense Ambition" is great!  It has what I usually love in a Nerdcore track, nerd pride!  Great lyrics with a funky beat, it was love at first listen.  Now "Future Hop" is just a lot of fun!  Bringing together nerds and goths, the party never stops!  Antisoc shows his passion as a goth and a nerd.  The chorus is probably my favorite part!

"Future Hop" is Antisoc best release yet, in my opinion.  He has a lot of rockin tracks that will appease to anyone who has a little bit of nerd/geek running through their veins.  Download this now for free and turn up the volume to all of these awesome tracks!  This rap game is his, and he is taking it back. PS - Beefy, you owe him a t-shirt.

Halloween Hip Hop: In Transylvania by Neally and DJ Dig Dug & Rhyme Torrents Halloween v4

Not content to do just one song, nerdcore duo Neally and DJ Dig Dug saw fit to make an entire Halloween EP. In Transylvania is that EP, containing six songs full of scary samples, awesome raps, and rocking beats. I Now Say kicks things off featuring the requisite tribute to Dracula filled with ridiculous lyrics and classic vampire clips. Warped sounds bring us into Soda Pop Rocks, which, as the title indicates, has to do with the horrors of drinking Soda with Pop Rocks. The winding lo-fi tune works great for this short and clever tune. Definitely a stand out track on this EP.

The third track, Autumn Moon takes another twist, opening with some haunting vocals, setting up the werewolf fueled premise of this song. The song then switches to a rapping style, and does a great job making sure the switch offs between the somber singing and more in your face rapping run together very well. The music side of the song is on the simple side, using mostly drums and synths, but interspercing it with howls and haunting violins to great effect. This brings us to my favorite track on the album, My Zombie Girlfriend (featuring Lakeside). Starting out with a soft rocking guitar, drums, vocals combo, the song then shifts to an electronic chorus which continues to hold in the harder rocking second verse. The song itself is a surprisingly love filled track about a man and his girlfriend. Zombies as a metaphor for whatever else people want to inject in it's place is a well known movie idea. Neally and DJ Dig Dug along with female vocalist Lakeside use this idea to their advantage to create a nerdy romantic song that keeps from easily treading into cliche territory.

The album steps back into the more ridiculous with Nymphomancer. With a chorus of "I'm a level ninety-nine mother fuckin' nymphomancer / Before you ask your questions I can give you all the answers." the song plays up the angle of the necromancing playboy. The album comes to an end with the title track In Transylvania which gives a hard rocking hip hop historical tour of Dracula's home town. The song build and builds, spiraling into a rauckus track, which peters out at the very and brings the EP to a close.

This album has been getting quite a few plays in my iTunes lately and I very much suggest you check it out. You can download the album free at Neally and DJ Dig Dug's website neallydjdigdug.com.

That's not it for the Halloween festivities though, We also have...

For the fourth Halloween in a row the Rhymetorrents community has saw fit to combine their nerdy with all things evil and supernatural and bring us Rhyme Torrents Halloween v4, which is of course free to download. The compilation features some great new tracks from some of the RT communities best, and about everything from zombies and vampires, to horror novels, and yes, survival horror video games.

Once there you might also notice that RT has gone over one big redesign, so why not use this as a great opportunity to sign up and be part of the liveliest nerdcore hip hop community on the web!

Full tracklist, including tons of awesome collaborations below.
01 – Killer Nocturne – Magitek
02 – House o’ Terror – Spandex Moose
03 – Zombie Evolution (feat. Madface) – D20
04 – My Server is Down – Antisoc
05 – Thanks for the Add (Antisoc Industrial Remix) – Brad Sucks
06 – Caught in the Grip of the Silent Hill Madness – Character Battle Excellent All Star Super Team featuring Luigi, Blanka, and Tails
07 – Lavender Town – Fanatical, B-Type & B0wlman
08 – Three Wolves Howling at the Moon – Shamus Oddish, Mister B-Type, MC Wreckshin & Chozo Ninpo
09 – Rhyme Your Own Adventure – jprime & Legendary Wizard
10 – Jigsaw – Billy the Fridge
11 – Sexy Supervillian – Fanatical
12 – The Dead – MERCER
13 – Serial Killer – Sir-Up
14 – The Cauld Lad of Hylton – B-Type
15 – Meowlori – Emperor Pilaf
16 – Haunting You – Thugmasta J & MC Wreckshin
17 – Perfect White Knight – Ultraklystron

Hey! Listen! volume 2 mixtape from Game Music 4 All

I am very happy to announce volume 2 in a series of 5 song "mixtapes" from GM4A. The series is called Hey! Listen! and asks you to do just that! Check out the first mixtape page for info about how this mixtape series works. Anyway, I am glad to say we have another month with 5 more amazing musicians and another great artist! We have some great chiptunes from Amiga Agia, blistering nerdcore hip hop from Antisoc, not to mention some truly epic VG arrangements from Skull Kid, Monkey Kong, and XMark. This is all wrapped up into a neat little package with amazing undersea artwork by Mareyn!

Download the album (including art, wallpaper, and liner notes)
In RAR file | In ZIP file

Liner Notes

High Quality Artwork | Wallpaper

Track listing and artwork:
1. Skull Kid - Gauntlet Intro

2. Amiga Agia - Where Your Hiding

3. Antisoc - Trippin' Breakers

4. XMark - Still Alive

5. Monkey Kong - Aquatic Ambience

Album Artwork by Mareyn

About the artwork:
I think cephalopods are hilarious, with that in mind I asked about to see if anyone would want to draw some, luckily Mareyn answered the call and delivered three of the best classically trained creatures below 1,000 meters. I like to imagine these three squids playing sold out clubs in a different evolutionary setting. I have also named them! That is Inky on the left, Blobby on the right, and front and center is Admiral Inksax. I am bad with names. Anyway, the album art is also partly inspired by the final song on this compilation. Major thanks again to Mareyn and her ability to draw amazing art on pretty short notice!

Thank you to all the people who download and spread the word about this mixtape, as well as the last mixtape! I hope you are convinced of the awesomeness of these groups and decide to investigate their music further. Also a huge thanks to the bands who have been more than happy to contribute songs, and to everyone who has been willing to write about the mixtapes wherever they can. Thanks again to Alex Atchley for hosting the album on Hotdog Storm. And of course thanks to everyone who contributed to the mixtape, and look out for volume 3 already underway!

GeekDad HipTrax

If you're on the lookout for a new nerdy music podcast to add to your subscription list (and who isn't?) why not give GeekDad HipTrax a shot? Hosted by Z. of Hipster, please! and Ken Denmead, the podcast is part of the Geekdad network, which is in turn part of Wired.com - ooh fancy. The show features all sorts of geeky music handpicked by Z. himself, and is a great way to pick up a few new favourite artists.

The latest show has an 'instrumental' theme with music from Atari artist, Army of 2600, jazz VGM cover band, The Runaway Five and nerdcore rapper, Antisoc. There's a whole backlog of episodes to check out as well as the show has been running for nearly a year now.

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Antisoc - Anomalous Materials Laboratory album release

Wow am I late on this one! Anyway, better late than never, but amazing fellow Antisoc, whom I heard about from Z of Hipster, Please! fame released an album last year. Anomalous Materials Laboratory is that album and you can download it at antisocialrap.com/aml. And what an album it is! Sadly it passed under my radar when it was first released, so as an apology to Antisoc I am mentioning it here now in an attempt to reach those folks who may have also missed it the first time around.

A ton of amazing crazy electronic hip hop sampling nerdery abound in this album, and also tributes to and remixes of Half-Life. Not to mention the stand out track Lone Warrior, which has become a personal favorite and a bit of an anthem for me. This album is really well put together and flows from song to song nicely. Definitely recommended listening!