PhunkoLand, dope hip hop tibute to video games by Philonius Phunk

Philonius Phunk and friends drop a fourteen track tribute to the gone, but clearly not forgotten game store FuncoLand. I've never been myself, but remember seeing FuncoLandads in my old gaming magazines!

This album is fire though, with tons of awesome guests from 'the new generation of nerdcore.' 

PhunkoLand is an ode to FuncoLand, which is now Gamestop. This is a collection of classic video game based beats laced with raw lyrics from the next generation of nerdcore hip-hip artists such as Tekforce, The Last WordBenders, Twill Distilled and more. PhunkoLand, your one stop shop for gaming rhymes and rhythms! HAVE PHUN!!!
— Philonius Phunk

Big Al's Big ALbum of nostalgia based hip hop jams

Big video game jams

Big Al is a nerdcore hip-hop artist with much love for old-school rap, TV, movies, and video games. His MENSA-level I.Q. qualifies him to speak on a panoply of topics, drawing from an endless cache of primarily useless trivia knowledge.

Big Al’s Jams are fresh spins on a variety of hip-hop, dance, and electro-funk styles. Audiences can expect an over-the-top performance at live shows with breakdancers, go-go girls, and bizarre background visuals.

Currently residing in Richmond, VA, Big Al has performed regularly at San Francisco’s 8BitSF, as well as Rockage, Day of Games, Reno Game Expo, California Extreme, and MAGFest’s Jamspace.
— Big Al's Jams

T.Y.T. drops new hip hop album 'The Napkin Gospel'

Nearly two dozen new tracks with tons of guests

When I imagine I am all through the latest nerd rap, TYT drops nearly two dozen new tracks in my lap. 

It started off as a simple donation to help Klopfenpop... I donated some money to his indigogo site, and he offered to mix ten tracks for me.

I had no plan on doing an album... But he brought it out of me... In the pursuit of finishing this cd... I have met some of the greatest people in the world... (Some assholes too) ...

This journey has led me through tests of skill, faith, addictions, hurt feelings and shit talking... But I bring it to you in the simplest way possible.... Behold, The Napkin Gospel.

Click each track, I have included the stories of EACH track’s creation... if you are into that sort of thing...
released 05 May 2015

Most mixes by Klop, other mixes by Roborob, Rukyss Duhki, and myself.

Production by Sean Divine, Roborob, konceptbeats, Jason Hansen, Rukyss Duhki, Sinima, j-rome, Antichrist Instrumentals, Anno Domini and Banditt.

Album art credit goes to Tiffiny Mahrer.

Listen to I Ain't A Afraid Of No... - Ghostbusters tribute rap by TekForce ft. Alpha Riff, Dick Dastardly, and Doug Funnie

You might try to tell me that this is a movie tribute song, and not a song about video games at all. To that I would say, Ghostbusters: The Video Game was loads of fun and well written.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the classic movie and video game franchise. Hip hop heads pay tribute with this four part character rap from the perspective of those that bust ghosts.