Back to the 8 bit

Alex Yabsley AKA Dot.AY wrote an incredible and in depth article about chiptunes and circuit bending entitled Back to the 8 bit A Study of Electronic Music Counter-culture, which we are glad to host here on GM4A. You can check out the article in the media section or by clicking here. Here's a brief intro of the article.

This paper examines technologies effect on musical cultures. Specifically focussing on two musical genres that rely on the use of old electronic gear to make music, Chiptunes and Circuit Bending. Through Internet field research within these cultures, based on ethnographic principles of ‘participant observation’ an in-depth analysis of all parts of these genres is made. This project also aims to test the validity and accessibility of these musical styles, and discusses this, revealing that many aspects of the genres lend them to be more accessible than other electronic art music forms. The paper concludes with the author’s own thoughts from the results of field research, on why these genres are in fact valid art forms, and that they are needed to progress the world of electronic music.

Definitely worth the read. And remember to give us your thoughts on it.