B-Type - Words album release

So in all my inane ramblings that pop up around the internet, I have neglected you, my loyal readership. For that I apologize, and give you this as a gift. It's the latest album from good friend and better rapper, B-Type. Worded Words, and released for free or best offer over at his official bandcamp page.

There are songs about Godzilla, robots, and Pokemon. If you gave me this album when I was twelve, I would have thought this was the greatest series of songs ever. Well I am a bit older than ten now, but strangely, I still spend a lot of time thinking about Godzilla, robots, and Pokemon. Which means this album is still awesome. Right now.

As for the beats, It feels like you are trapped inside a giant eighties era arcade machine, the cabinet's demo droning catchy riffs with an abundance of bass. There's a good mix of original and remixed tunes, giving the album less restraint. B's lines maneuver through a variety of styles over those tracks, showing off a growing versatility in his rhyming arsenal.

To get a feel for the album, I would have to suggest Top Percentage, with the track's swaggering beat, and Pokemon themed rhymes. Don't listen to him about not evolving your Pokemon though. My reasoning for this can be saved for a very lengthy article on the topic some other day. Just remember to evolve ALL your Pokemon.

The other song I recommend is the nerd heavy Song of Time, although, skip over to the end of the album and check out the latter version, Song of Time (Projekt Zero Pre-Emptive Remix). Though both good tracks, with plenty of great bars from a who's who kind of list of nerdcore. Unfortunately, the original track suffers from having heard this song remixed too many times (Final Fantasy Syndrome I call it). Besides, the best version of Song of Time is already this one. Perhaps this is why ProjektZero, which I am sure he will explain later, chose to remix it into a lo-fi dungeon crawling epic.

So go grab a copy, and give it a listen, and if the economy has been good to you, perhaps shoot him change for a cup of coffee. Unless...you don't accept my apology that is...

Week in Video Game Inspired Music 2/01 – 2/07

Tons of new things this week. Two of which involve me and my voice. First, I would like to announce that the Letters VS Numbers podcast is back after a lengthy hiatus! Secondly, I have started a new podcast endeavor called This Week in VGM. A new 10-15 minute podcast covering the past week in VG inspired music news. You might be wondering what game the awesome sprites up above are from, and the answer is none. The sprites are original creations via Nino (who also did this site's artwork), which she calls the Film Noir Set and you can get to know the full cast of characters at kattuccino.deviantart.com. Also there seems to be a ton of big stories happening lately. I highly suggest you take the time to read all the linked stories today as they are very interesting. Most specifically the Sound Current for Comic Market 77. Also be sure to check out the list of performers who will be at PAX East! Now the news.



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VIDEO Though I did consider being a little self serving and link to one of my own recent videos for my new podcast This Week in VGM that I mentioned earlier. I decided against it so I can bring you this weeks video. The video comes via old pal 8 Bit Duane and his new project Action Adventure World. The video is his new song about the often overlooked classic Super Mario Land for the original Game Boy. Here's to hoping he does SML2, one of my personal favorite games!

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