The Start Screen comes out of Beta and I write video game inspired music articles for them

So for those who may not have heard, new video game site, The Start Screen has come out of Beta. The site is hosting a new layout and lots of fresh content. Why exactly is a website coming out of beta big news? Well because I am a contributor to some of that great content!

Indeed I am now a contributor to The Start Screen and will be continuing to spread the word about video game inspired music and art there. The articles on the site will be introductory style posts for different artists and their albums. Be sure to check out The Start Screen and sign up for the site. Also be sure to check out the articles I have written so far over there, and perhaps leave some comment love and let the folks there know that there are plenty of fans for articles about video game inspired music!

Here is a list of articles I have written so far for The Start Screen.

Attack Slug - Achievement Unlocked album release

Attack Slug has released his second album in rapid succession (the first being the amazing Endsville is Burning). The new album, Achievement Unlocked comes in at ten songs covering important gaming topics like forums, fanboys, the year 200X, and of course, how great Attack Slug is at video games. The album also includes guest rappers such as TYT, The Ranger, and KABUTO. My personal favorite track from the album? Skydiving With Sharks, but hell, they are all awesome tracks.

You can download the album free of charge at

"I got that blip blip, schooling all you dipshits. drop another game, don't I get my motherfucking points?"