Super I Am 8 Bit returns August 11th in Los Angeles with over 100 artists, performances by DJ R-Rated, A_Rival, and Leeni

If you are anywhere near Los Angeles, or can get here by August 11th without leaving too many ruined lives in your wake, then make sure to not miss out on the return, and upgrading of I Am 8 Bit to the Super I Am 8 Bit art show. The use of the word 'Super' is not being taken lightly either. Along with the first new show in a few years, they return with a brand new book release. The show itself is planned to feature the work of over a hundred artists, all of which will be on display in a spacious new venue.

The gallery will run from August 11th on through September 10th, but only opening night will host sure to be amazing performances by chiptune musician and singer Leeni, and chip-hop lyricist A_Rival. While getting nostalgiac as you walk the gallery, DJ R-Rated will be spinning some classic video game inspired mixes to get you in that gaming mood. Finally, no video game tribute could be complete without some interactive art, which will be on display opening night as well, such as an enormous "arcade cabinet" (their qotations, not mine.) and a retro hack for Kinect.

West Coast Wigout 2 only 1 week away!


Yup, one week away from a huge all star night of video game inspired music. So for those who are not up to speed or need some more info, or persuading to come on out, here is the rundown. June 15th at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA there is going to be an epic night of video game rock, jazz, hip hop, and chiptunes! We call it West Coast Wigout 2!

It's a full night dedicated to some of the best in video game inspired music!

Full info about the concert through here.

Who's playing? Check out this list!

A_Rival (San Francisco, CA) –

The Megas (Los Angeles, CA) –

Random AKA Mega Ran W/ K-Murdock (Phoenix, AZ) –

WizWars (Los Angeles, CA) –

EvilWezil (Los Angeles, CA) –

Tanuki Suit Riot (Los Angeles, CA) –

Quarter Circle Jab (Fresno, CA) -

You might recognize A_Rival better as OCReMix artist AE who remixed the classic SF2 title music as Clamato Fever in SF2THDR. Well guess what, he raps about video games too, and you better believe his raps are as epic as his remixes!

If you read GM4A then you already know who The Megas and Random AKA Mega Ran are. If you don't know though, I think their names give enough of a hint at what they are all about. The Megas tell a tale of a man, a mega man, in rock n roll fashion. While Mega Ran on the other hand raps from multiple perspectives and about every gaming topic under the sun and then some!

EvilWezil and Wizwars are two amazing chiptune artists who perform not with a guitar, or vocals, but armed only with their respective Gameboys to rock things chiptune style.

Finally the last block of awesomeness is the amazing VG jazz group Tanuki Suit Riot who jams out to everything from Zelda, to Mega Man X, to F-Zero. Last but not least is Quarter Circle Jab, who have been around for years but are gaining much more notoriety thanks to their debut release kickbutt.exe (free download). Yup, that album includes some more great SF2 music, as well as other great games like Final Fantasy and Earthbound.

So this will definitely be some night to remember!

Once again more info through this link.

A_Rival - 8-Bit Pimp album release

Video game remixer, and chip hop artist out of San Francisco, A_Rival, has finally dropped his debut album to the masses. After some time in the making, 8-Bit Pimp is available via bandcamp in both digital as well as CD form starting at $10.

The album is full of high energy chip hop, touching on everything from Game Genies to girl troubles. The album kicks off with the fast paced Go For Broke which quickly establishes the complex chiptunery alongside A_Rival's fast paced rap style. This leads us into the autobiographical track A_Rival, which is one of the first tracks I heard from him nearly two years back, and is still an incredibly catchy track.

Cybernetic Mariachi I heard for the first time back in November 2008 at the first West Coast Wig Out. I have been waiting for a recording of this track ever since, and am very glad to see it on this release. An amazing fusion of latin guitar and swirlng chiptunes lay the foundation for a tale of a mercenary turned musician.

This leads us to an all too often realized conversation that many a game musician (and game music writers *ahem*) knows well. This conversation dives right into Show Me Girl. This track really speaks to the title of the album 8 Bit Pimp with the lyrical content and upbeat chiptunes. Slowing things down, we come to another track that I heard a few years back and also patiently waited for the release of, Push it Down. Lots of clever lines and a smooth R&B style beat make this a stand out track on the album.

Well known nerdcore rapper Random makes a guest appearance in the next track Circuitry, another smooth flow of rhymes that really benefits from both artists distinct verbal stylings. We come towards the end of the album, with the title track 8-Bit Pimp. This is an anthemic track, with a bouncing beat and catchy hooks.

We finally come to the end of the track with the slower, more glitched out, almost metal style Last Boss. This is another stand out track, that marks another direction that A_Rival is able to take his songwriting, with a darker tone and a heavy chorus. Not to mention the subject matter of a Game Genie using gamer.

As I ahve been saying throughout this short review, this album is incredibly catchy, and well worth investigating further for any fans of chiptunes, or nerdcore. You can listen to the entire album before buying as well via A_Rival's bandcamp page. You can also check him out live alongside Random, and others June 15th in Los Angeles, at West Coast Wigout 2.

Game Music 4 All presents WEST COAST WIGOUT 2. Nerdcore, Chiptune, VG Rock E3 concert June 15 in Los Angeles

Game Music 4 All and Broken Tape Decks, with support from Nerdapalooza, Nerdy Show and Capcom are proud to present WEST COAST WIGOUT 2! Video game inspired music concert.

Full details and ticket info through the main WCWO page here.

The event will take place at Gallery Nucleus. Doors open at 6PM, and show goes until midnight! We will have everything for video game fans and music lovers alike. Nerdcore, Chiptunes, VG Cover bands, and then some! Come on out after E3 to see how video games have influenced art and music over the last twenty five years.

We will be hearing from amazing acts such as the one and only mega man rock band The Megas, chip hop extraordinaire A_Rival, amazing underground rapper and nerdcore champion Random AKA Mega Ran. We can't forget the amazing chiptune stylings of Los Angeles artists Wizwars and EvilWezil. Also for the classier folks in attendance we have the incredible video game jazz of Tanuki Suit Riot.

All this great music in one night, not to mention free giveaways courtesy of the great folks over at Capcom!

You can order tickets for the awesome price of $10 right now via this gallery nucleus page, and hurry up because tickets are limited and the day of the show tickets go up to $15!

This Week in VGM #006: PAX East special

This Week in VGM

Welcome to the sixth episode of This Week in VGM, a weekly podcast of news and music from the video game inspired music community. This week we take a look back at PAX East and all the video game music therein. We take a look at GM4A's album IWADON, listen to some classic tracks from disasterPEACE, and new ones from A_Rival. We also have an exclusive interview with the man behind Sunken Colony, an upcoming tribute album to Starcraft, and much more. Be sure to listen in!

You can check out, download, and subscribe to the podcast at Feedburner iTunes

If you would like to get in touch with news, questions, or perhaps to be a guest host alongside me in a future episode, you can email me at

MAGFest VIII announces final bands; all out of gum

At only a month and a half away, MAGFest 8 is right around the corner, and with that the MAGFest dissemination campaign is a go! If you watched the video above you know about one of the special guests who will be there, but word from Nick at the MAGFest camp has given word about some more guests including famed game developer Sid Meier.

Alongside the new guests, the final four bands have been added to the all star roster of VG influenced performances. Let's just do the list thing here, featuring the 100% full roster of amazing artists. It should be noted that none of the bands will have any gum either, which we hope is indicative of something or other.

Final bands added
The OneUps
Select Start
Entertainment System
The Megas

Previously announced bands
Metroid Metal
Temp Sound Solutions
Rare Candy
The Smash Brothers
Armadillo Tank
This Place is Haunted

So if you are on the East Coast, nay, on Earth, head over to and sign up for the fest right now. Unless of course you want The Duke ripping off your head, go to MAGFest.