Majora's Mask inspired 'The ΜΩΩΝ: The RemixTape' by AGenius & company

The end comes around again. 

The ΜΩΩΝ (original album) was a major success for me, so I thought that a RemixTape was in order for producers that wanted to put their own spin on its tracks. Several very talented producers showed up, and this is their works compiled into one tape. Thanks to all who made The first ΜΩΩΝ a success and these guys that contributed. Much much love to you all.

Hope you enjoy!

-AGenius #MadGalaxy2014

P.S. - The original “Grammy (prod. Natsu Fuji)” has been added as a bonus.
released August 18, 2014

Contributing producers/remixers:
Natsu Fuji -
uRiah -
Flxtch! -
CDeVon -
Grizzly F.O.G. -
Perry the Producer -
D-Shocka -

Executive producers: AGenius & Angelica Grace
— AGenius

Legend of Zelda inspired hip hop album 'The MΩΩN' by AGenius

The sky is falling. 

Dark side of the Moon.

Beats are crazy. The Challenge (for myself) was to keep up with them. Except “Sage” (That’s all you KenKen). Lol.

But this project expresses my villainous, scary movie-loving, vampires, werewolves, monsters, death-obsessed side. I had to give it a name, so I did. Skull Kid.

The actual MoonShooter project is next. Promise.

Thank you for listening,
— AGenius

The MOON II RemixTape by AGenius & company

History repeats. 

It’s finally here! Of course my most successful album deserved a RemixTape! Thanks to all producers involved. This took time from them and was a labor of love.

Also thank you all for the unending support. Skull Kid’s saga is almost over.
released August 7, 2015

Natsu Fuji -
Kenshi -
jtbs. -
uRiah -
Perry the Producer -
D-Shocka -
STB. -
— AGenius

Majora's Mask inspired hip hop album 'The MΩΩN II' by AGenius

The last laugh. 

This is the 2nd project of AGenius’ portrayal of the villainous “Skull Kid” persona, a 2-disc album, structurally inspired by old-school hip-hop albums (filled with skits & excerpts), Justin Timberlake’s discography (2 tracks-in-one), and Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” (long tracks, extremely feature-heavy, producer collaborations, off-the-wall engineering, and displaying artistic themes).

Album Info:
This, being the sequel to ΤΗΕ ΜΩΩΝ, is at a point to where Skull Kid has now accepted he (and the rest of the world for that matter) is evil, and there’s no helping it.

There is little to no conscience left as he chooses to embrace his vengeful malice rather than fight it, and even have FUN doing so...Or is he?
This album lays out that rampage, while raising the question: Has the mask fully taken over by force, or did Skull Kid want this all along, and needed a catalyst to activate his vengeance for a life of torture?

Second, this album is VERY feature-heavy, supporting the “world is evil too” theme. No one is any better than he as it was so easy to drive others to join his rampage. Some you expected to join, others not so much. They’re all here.

Third, while this is not as experimental as ΜΩΩΝ Ι, there are songs throughout adding variety to the subject matter (inner thoughts while on the rampage). Maintained though, for the most part, is the perspective: lack of compassion.

Lastly, this sequel is twisted but not quite as dark/emo; Skull Kid actually enjoys what he’s become now since finding the mask.

Legend of Zelda themes are kept to a minimum again, on purpose. References are made, but remember this is more AGenius using a character/persona to vent, rather than some sort of hip-hop cosplay.
— AGenius