I Fight Dragons concert review and video interview: We should all Fight Dragons…

Recently my pal Brian from 8-Bit Revenge had the lucky opportunity to go see the amazing NES Rockers I Fight Dragons at a recent concert. He was kind enough to write a review of the show for GM4A, not to mention a video interview with the band alongside 8BR mate Callan! Read on to learn all about the show, and hopefully the group is coming to a town near you soon!

At first glance I Fight Dragons may seem like just another mild-mannered NESRock band plodding along the usual course of having fun making music. But if you look closely, behind those charming mild mannered alter egos lays a group of NESRock super heroes waiting to strike. A band wholly dedicated to not only making amazing music but grabbing the world by the hand and taking them on a trip to places they haven’t yet dared to dream of.

From their exceptionally well written lyrics to the pop-sensible blend of chiptune and what alternative rock should be, all the way down to their stage antics I Fight Dragons put on simply one hell of a show. IFD takes time to charm the crowd with something that everyone regardless of age, gender, or personal habits can relate to but all the while exposing them to a new and exciting method of making music. This is accomplished with the use of both retro and new age game controllers coupled with everything that you would expect to see from an alternative rock band.

It is very seldom that I can say with honesty that an event I have been to has been so overwhelming that it has left me struggling for proper adjectives to describe it. Despite that the most common method of describing anything these days is to refer to it as “epic” it truly seems to be the only word that fits. However seeing as the word “epic” is indeed overused these days I shall take this little bit of time to try and expand upon that for you.

Imagine yourself standing in a venue, lights down and a band on stage. The lead singer stands, back to the crowd in what appears to be nothing more than your average white shirt, tie, and the standard issue journalist glasses. A digital voice introduces the band slowly at first and then simply states “This is I Fight Dragons” at which point the band turns around and, as though a light switch was flipped, the energy pulsates from them. Then during the break down of the first song our mild mannered band lead transforms into super hero mode as the bassist runs insanely around the stage. All at once the all questions as to why they are wearing super hero logos are completely gone. Dancing around the stage, in the crowd, and when things get hairy and a mistake is made (like an un-cooperating computer) they compensate by simply singing a Zelda medley while Wonder Woman holds up speech bubbles asking for help, freedom, and of course beer. As if that wasn’t enough, a few moments later you are treated to the entire band taking a few moments to dance on a very well altered Track and Field pad and then finally achieving a crescendo with a power glove inspired orchestration of pure unabashed chiptune goodness.

All of this and more is what a concert with I Fight Dragons is like. It’s hard to encapsulate in mere words the energy from both the band and crowd. To make matters even more difficult for this actual mild mannered journalist the very sound of IFD is hard to describe. Seeing them perform live is a veritable monument to their actual level of professionalism. While performing songs like Heads up, Hearts Down there were moments I wasn’t sure if I was still in a bar on the north side of Chicago or in my car cruising with friends. The quality of the music only changed in the aspect that it was more enjoyable and, if possible, more energetic. So it’s with this in mind that I state: Should you get a chance to see I Fight Dragons perform live that you run, not walk, to the venue and take part in a show that you are not likely to soon, if ever, to forget. To find out when their upcoming shows are and where they’re being held make sure to check out either their website: ifightdragons.com or their MySpace: myspace.com/ifightdragons Go now! Join the fight against the Hidarites!


Thanks a ton to Brian from 8 Bit Revenge for doing a great write up and interview. Also thanks to I Fight Dragons for their time. Be sure to check them out at ifightdragons.com! The photos in the article are all taken from their Flickr page.

The gauntlet has been thrown down. Tetris DS Wi-Fi Tournament Challenge!

Thanks to our semi-rivals over at 8-bit Revenge we have decided to try our hand at a tournament between different people involved in the gaming community. So now we are putting the word out!

If you help with or run a game site, blog, or group, make video game inspired music, or are in some way involved in games and gaming, and also have a copy of Tetris DS and a Wi-Fi connection, bring it on! "Reprazent" as they say!

If enough folks get involved I am sure this will be a lot of fun! Plus, what is better than bragging rights? You can proudly boast that you defeated several other gamers, putting them and their respective websites and groups to shame. Now that's publicity! We'll try to work out more details if and when more folks get involved. Don't be shy! Play us!

If you are interested, leave a comment in this post, email me at anthonyruybalid(at)mac(dot)com, or hit us up on our Myspace page! We hope to meet some great competition!

Image courtesy of Penny Arcade

GM4A gets interviewed!!

Those crazy folks over at 8BitRevenge recently did an interview with us! Head over and read it in all of its glory. Leave them comments and let them know what you think!


Hopefully you all get a little more of an idea of who is behind GM4A. If anyone else would like to do an interview with us send over some questions. If you live in Southern California and would like to do a face-to-face interview that would be awesome too!

Thanks again to 8BitRevenge.

8-bit Revenge interview Peppermint Pony and 8-Bit Betty

Our video producing pals over at 8-bit Revenge have just started their foray into the realm of interviews. Their first spoils bring back insightful and quite hilarious interviews with Peppermint Pony and 8-Bit Betty. Both interviews can be read at the following links below. Enjoy!

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