Me Geek Pretty One Day - Drown Radio debut full length album release

Big, probably Epic album release today folks. Veteran of the Nerdosphere, Doctor Popular AKA Drown Radio has released his first Full length album, Me Geek Pretty One Day. He, as a longime blogger himself, can explain the album in better terms than I.

Drown Radio’s debut full length is available now! 50+ minutes of nerdy lyrics, geeky beats, video game soundscapes, and ringtones all for just 8 measly dollars.

The new album, Me Geek Pretty One Day, is full of chiptunes, mouth harps, weird harmonies, and plenty of geeked out beats. Musically, the album aims to be as diverse as the instruments used to create it. On MGPOD, Drown Radio (aka Doctor Popular) shakes things up by mixing nerdcore hip hop songs with 8-bit instrumentals, electro-pop, and sexy r & b.

Although Drown Radio handles most of the beats and vocal on Me Geek Pretty One Day, the album also boasts appearances by MC Router, Baddd Spellah, tanner4105, and MC Inadequate as well as remixes by 8Bit bEtty and Bomarr.

So it appears there is something for everyone under the geek music umbrella! Definitely an album worth grabbing. And you can grab it at this link! Also, hear some songs from the release at the Drown Radio blog.

8-bit Revenge interview Peppermint Pony and 8-Bit Betty

Our video producing pals over at 8-bit Revenge have just started their foray into the realm of interviews. Their first spoils bring back insightful and quite hilarious interviews with Peppermint Pony and 8-Bit Betty. Both interviews can be read at the following links below. Enjoy!

Peppermint Pony interview
8-Bit Betty interview

Also, check out 8-bit Revenge doing what they do best at

Hidden Fortress Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Remix" Volume 1 (September 18, 2006)


“After working on several remixes of chiptune-esque artists and working closely with Pixelh8 in producing his upcoming album "Videogames Ruined My Life" we decided to contact a few of our myspace friends "Stochastic" and "Air Fortress", we also stumbled upon "Game Music 4 All" and their myspace page which linked in a few others, we found the music of "Bubblyfish" on the end credits of a circuit bending documentary on and was blown away,and when we managed to convince "Aleksi Eeben" and "8 Bit Weapon" who we are a huge fans of, we were over the moon, we then slowly convinced and built up a list of very impressive artists, who were willing to take part in the project.

8 Bit Weapon, Stochastic, Pixelh8, Air Fortress, GOTO80, Aonami, Atarimatt, Sabrepulse, Bubblyfish, Burnkit2600 KPLECRAFT, 8 Bit Betty, Sm@rth, Makkina, Hi Score, Tree Wave, Action Adventure, Kidd Video, MSX Crew, Aleksi Eeben & more

The project then became so big, and due to our now hectic schedule, and to not keep you waiting for too long. We decided to divide into two volumes and so here is volume 1.

1) Kidd Video - "I Need A Quarter" remix of "25 Cents"

2) Msx Crew - "Blitz Pixel" remix of "Pixel Addict"

3) Pixelh8 - "Baby Buggy" remix of "Baby Carrier"

4) Makkina - "And I Will Listen" remix of "Speak To Me"

5) Sm@rth - "Creepy Castle" remix of "Castle Freak"

6) GOTO80- "For N To Equal 80" remix of "Stag 3"

7) Stochastic - "Hexidecimalover" remix of "The Binary Walls Between Us"

8) HiScore - "Hyper Score" remix of "CX2600"

9) Air Fortress - "I Am Looking For You" remix of "Secret Spacestation"

10) Bubblyfish - "Opacity" remix of "Translucent"

11) Burnkit2600 - "Feel The Burn" remix of "Loafyness"

12) Tree Wave - "I Am Someone" remix of "May Banners"

13) Aleksi Eeben - "No Point Of Reference" remix of "Space Man Far Away From Home"

14) 8 Bit betty - "Immobilizer" remix of "And I Know That You're Happy"

The sounds of videogames/chips/circuit bending always cheers me up, the usually upbeat cheery melodies made the project even more fun, we hope you enjoy the outcome, check out the artists and their pages. Our main aim was to bring the wonderful and varied sounds of chiptune to our friends and to further connect the world of chiptune artists with each other. I would sincerely like to thank all of those who have taken part, this project is free to download so more of you can hear and enjoy it.

Lots Of Love, Matthew & Junko”

Awesome mention from them. Anyway, their album can be found here or through Hidden Fortress’s myspace page.