Inverse Phase - Shuttle Scuttle OST released

In the midst of a secret chiptune show at MAGFest X, Brendan Becker aka Inverse Phase fired his 8-bit cylinders for the crowd and brought along copies of his Shuttle Scuttle OST. The video game score was conceived for a space shooter developed in the style of NES titles of yore. This made it perfect for Brendan's compelling chip work, which ties everything into a beautifully nostalgic package. The soundtrack is available now on his Bandcamp page, and the game itself can be found as an iOS title at

Nario releases More of Me EP

Nario recently released an original chiptune EP titled More of Me. It is the followup to his 2009 album Most of Me and covers a diverse selection of genre influences such as rock, electro pop, dance and industrial. The wide array of styles is presented through Nario's distinctive 8-bit soundbed and his ear for harmonic structure. The EP is available through the skrow!media label and on Bandcamp, as well as a physical CD with bonus tracks.

Nerdcore International Tour 2007

This coming Friday May 4th, in Glendale, CA at The Scene Bar will be the start of the Nerdcore International Tour. This very ambitious tour is rocking it's way throughout the US and Europe. This first show will be kicking off with the likes of 8-Bit, Bark Bark Bark, ComputeHer (Performing her own opening set plus performing with 8 Bit Weapon), 8 Bit Weapon (w/ComputeHer and Melbot)and possibly even more to be announced! If this isn't a concert I don't know what is. You can find more info about the concert at any of the bands respective sites or at

EDIT: Fixed an error in bands performing.


Entertainment System has some live music from the big 8 Bit Genocide show they did last month. head over to their page to listen in. You can also check out some live 8 Bit Genocide footage in our media section which was done by 2 Player Productions for their upcoming VGM documentary. Even more about 8 Bit Gencoide can be found on the VGDJ podcast episode #45.
Tin Soldier Empire has a great shirt deal going on until the 10th of this month where in if you purchase the TSE shirt for $15 you also get 10 stickers, an autographed TSE show flyer, as well as a copy of their “Don’t Be a Dick” album all free. so be sure to check out their site and take advantage of this great offer!

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Transmitting End has some new tunes in the works so we’ll keep you up to date on that.
And finally, new show, tonight, free, is 8-Bit playing at Mr. T’s Bowl in Los Angeles, CA. So if you are looking for something to do tonight, there it is.