8 Bit Bandit Re-releases albums for free download

Spreading some chiptune cheer this season is Palm Desert, California based chip hop DJ, 8 Bit Bandit. He has saw fit to re-release several of his older albums online for free via his brand new tumblr account. That includes amazing work like Slice, and personal favorite Asterisk. We also see the first time available for free, 8 Bit Bandit's most recent album Racquet Club, and seminal Los Angeles based chip hop album, the Super Barrio Bros LP.

Each of these works has a different style and flavor to them, so they are all worth a download. From the laid back chip and drums remix styling of Asterisk to the glitched out chip techno of Racquet Club, the albums can stand to be part of any chip fans collection. That isn't to mention the phenomenal work between Dumbfoundead and 8 Bit Bandit, AKA Super Barrio Bros on their debut LP that I can't recommend enough.

Links to each specific album are below. Click the title above the album art for the .ZIP file for each album on their respective page. Slice Racquet Club Asterisk The Super Barrio Brothers LP

A whole bunch of concerts this weekend!

A ton of shows coming up this weekend, all of them awesome. Let's get right into it, and get all the details!

From the Minibosses boards we learn that the Minibosses are doing not one, but two free shows around Comic-Con in San Diego. Here's the details.

cover is free, doors should be at 9p or so.
it will be PACKED so show up early. we can't
get anyone in once chasers says it's packed.
if you went to sf or la or any show that's not
phoenix (hahahahah home cities rule when you
play there more than once a month), you know
to show up EARLY. i'm talking 9p at this one.
10p may be too late. this place is smaller than
the smell.

Also around Comic-Con is another show by the amazing band The Megas, here are the details for this free show!

July, 26 2008 at The Keating Hotel - Minus One Lounge
432 F St., San Diego, California 92101
Cost : Free

Head over and check us out after Comic-Con! This is a 21+ show, unfortunately. We’re playing sometime between 7 and 9 pm, most likely right around 8. See you there!

Now for some non-Comic-Con shows! The first is with 8 Bit Weapon, and chip-hop group Super Barrio Brothers in Pasadena, Ca. Here's all the info for this one.

July, 25 2008 at FEEL GOOD FUSION at The Terrace
443 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, California 91101

8 bit weapon
Super Barrio Brothers
8 bit bandit ( RARE DJ SET)

Cost: Free admission with RSVP or $5 at the door! (tough choice eh?) - Official Site: http://www.myspace.com/feelgoodfusion - For the month of July, FEEL GOOD FUSION will be paying tribute to one of the most Feel Good activities of all time...PLAYING VIDEO GAMES. - All of the ART, MUSIC, and ACTIVITIES that we will be featuring this month will be somehow related to video games!!! - As a part of the full multimedia experience, we will have a setup for everyone to play all the classic 8-bit games on the projector and watch as some GTA IV masters put on some exhibitions!! All the videogame footage will be mixed and broadcasted by our very own VJ, GREG THE DUDE.

And finally, outside of California, in Texas actually, we have the Bible Belt Bitfest, which has been months in the making thanks to Hotdog Storm! If you are in Texas it's pretty obvious you have to go to this show!

8 Bit Bandit - Racquet Club album release

Fantastic Chiptune DJ 8 Bit Bandit, a guy who continues to amaze me every time he does anything, has released his latest album to the world. The album, Racquet Club, is available now from 8 Bit Bandit's website for $10 plus some S&H, or yfor digital download on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and CD Baby for 7.99. It's definitely worth the price of admission (as I will soon get into in a future review, so watch out)! The album includes 14 tracks and clocks in at a meaty hour and ten minutes. And if you are looking for a taste before you buy you can check out a few tracks from the album over at 8 Bit Bandit's myspace page!

Super Barrio Bros. - Super Barrio Bros. LP album review

The amazing California duo consisting of Dumbfoundead and 8 Bit Bandit, collectively known as Super Barrio Bros, have recently released their self-titled full length debut. The album is 11 tracks of amazing Chip Hop. Both amazing lyrics by Dumbfoundead and friends, as well as superb DJ and production work by 8 Bit Bandit. The album is available through Super Barrio Bros. myspace page. The album is a length of about 35 minutes over 11 tracks, with 3 more bonus tracks from Thirsty Fish and friends coming in at ten more minutes.

The Intro is just that, and starts off the album showing off 8 Bit Bandit's skill as a DJ, a lot of impressive scratching and sampling work here, and gets you in just the right mood to enjoy the rest of the album. Mash and Smash kicks off the album in full, with Dumbfoundead bringing his style of raps and throwing gaming references left and right. This song is a great gamer trash talking track with lines like "Shedding tears, there ain't no wedding here, some lame excuse about how the control settings weird." A great way to kick off the vocal side of the album, and show off Dumbfoundead's skill and style.

Next song is Bosses featuring Dumbfoundead's hip hop pals Alpha MC & Open-Mike Eagle. As the track indicates, this song has the crew rapping from the perspective of an end level boss, which makes for some great lines from all three rappers, including "Psycho Mantis tried to read my mind and got a migraine." Alpha MC and Open-Mike Eagle also add their own style to their respective verses. That along with the perspective of the song make it stand out well from the previous track and lead well into the next track. That track being Bad Villain, another song from the perspective of the baddest of villains, and we all know how villains always get the best lines. One of the best lines is from the chorus, "I'm a villain, everything my rival isn't, I'm gonna look for new worlds and I'm gonna try to get it, If you got a cute girl I'm gonna try to hit it, to obtain this kind of image, you gotta be bad." The thing is, you know the villain can take your girl, because they just are that bad. This song also has some impressive musical flourishes that you may not notice at first, when focusing on the lyrics, but adds a lot to the song, not to mention a great outro.

The next song, Three Pipes Down features Psychosiz and takes the Mario underground theme, and adds some hip hop style to it. In this track Dumbfoundead speaks on his hometown of Los Angeles and some of the wacker emcees abound, ending the final verse with the just as awesome but less appreciated Super Mario Bros underwater theme. This leads to the Song Of Time Instrumental, an amazing tribute to Zelda, with some strong drum beats, and a kind of lo-fi style. The track is still able to evoke the same feelings one would have for the original tune as well. Another track really showing off 8 Bit Bandit's style and appreciation of video games. This is also the lengthiest track on the album at just over four minutes.

We are now past the halfway point, at track seven, Strategy Guide which features more friends Sahtyre, Psydewaze, & Nocando. The track is all about the strategy guides of yore. The track was originally the Start Button Instrumental from the Barrio Bros EP, which is an amazing track by all means, with some nice elongated notes that add some nice contrast against the speed of their flows. The intro lets this slower style ebat play out on it's own a bit more, which leads well right into the fastest song on the album, clocking in at under two minutes. Their self described punk rock song System. Also their most energetic song, and features some insane scratching techniques in the center. This fast paced song is definitely one of my favorites on this album.

At this point 8 Bit Bandit busts out with his third instrumental, which carries a bit of a glitch chiptune styling along with more scratching techniques all over a fairly creepy beat, this is the not so creepy sounding Snoochie Instrumental. This leads us to the final vocal track of the album, and my personal favorite Game Over. This song is over a chipped out Beck track, and flowed over so well you'd never imagine it being intended for a different song. The whole song is spent speaking of one of the saddest points back in our old arcade days, getting a game over and realizing the loss of our quarter. It's a great song, and you can imagine it being during the credits of some amazing documentary about arcades.

The final song is the Outro Instrumental which skillfully does some Super Mario Bros. 3 very well, and helps you remember why Barrio Bros went with the name they did. It's a soft song that really helps the album end with a good feeling.

After this song though the album comes with three more video game referencing songs by a few of Super Barrio Bros friends. These Bonus Round tracks are Next Level featuring Lyraflip & N/A & EMS Of Middle Men, Shit Talkers with Thirsty Fish, and finally Glitch Ghost featuring Abstract Rude. These tracks are a different style from the Barrio Bros tracks but still great listening, and a cool extra for purchasing the album.

Just like their name, Super Barrio Bros., they successfully and equally pay tribute to both video games and our youth spent playing them, and the hip hop culture of their native Los Angeles. They show both their background growing up playing Street Fighter in the arcade, but also growing up with a strong love for the hip hop and music of Los Angeles, and show that love of video games and hip hop are not mutually exclusive. This is definitely a must have album for lovers of chiptunes, chip hop, nerdcore, video games, and underground rap. You can check out Super Barrio Bros music and buy their album at their myspace page, as well as check out the myspace pages of 8 Bit Bandit and Dumbfoundead for more of their musical endeavors.

A few technical things as well. Tracks 1-11 produced by 8 Bit Bandit, Next Level produced by N/A, Shit Talkers produced by Dibiase, Glitch Ghost produced by Maestroe. Artwork on the album by DosTres. Wanted to get that out there since it's amazing art! Also, live SBB pictures from Level Up!.

I wanted to end this article with a line from Super Barrio Bros.' Game Over.

Game Over, with injured finger joints, insert coins and continue to defend your points.
Take the initiative to type your initials in, show 'em who the boss is and fight 'til you finish him.

Super Barrio Bros concert going down tonight, 12/21/07 in Los Angeles, California

Just wanted to re-inform everyone that the Super Barrio Bros are playing tonight in Los Angeles. Peep the info here!

I hope some of you folks can make it down if you are in or near LA. It's sure to be an awesome show. Plus they are having a video game pentathlon, which I am proud to be a part of. The pentathlon starts at 6:30. which is well before the concert, but should be a great chance to hang out before the show, as well as a chance to check out how much practice i have been putting into my Super Mario Bros. 3 speed runs! Also, word has it that one of my rivals in the tourney is none other than 8 Bit Bandit himself. Should be fun!

Once again, check out the info through this link! Hope to see a good turnout!

Biggest Announcement Ever! Game Music 4 All Compilation

Tell everyone! Tell your friends, your parents, your dog. Write it on a brick and throw it through a window! We at GM4A are very proud to announce that for our site's one year anniversary we are hard at work on the grandest of grand music compilations. The compilation is set to release June 3rd 2007, exactly one year after our very first post on this website of ours.

The compilation is titled Music EXP and will include many artists we know and love. Here are a few involved so far!

8 Bit Bandit
Alex Mauer
Spheres of Chaos
Super Nintechno
Temp Sound Solutions

We will be revealing more and more bands involved as we build up to the release date. Also we will be creating a myspace page solely for the compilation so look out for that. Everyone spread the word! We want this to be a truly impactful CD on not just the VGM community, nor the gamer community, but in all the music community!

We will post more news about the album as it progresses. Don't get off the edge of your seat until then!

Super Barrio Brothers

Chiptunist 8 Bit Bandit, and rap artist Dumbfoundead are soon to release an EP together entitled The Super Barrio Bros. EP. They have just launched a myspace page for this EP showcasing four of the songs on the album. The site can be found at myspace.com/thesuperbarriobrothers. And in my opinion this is definitely an album worth checking out, and has been one of my most anticipated chiptune albums of the year!

8 Bit Bandit, Dumbfoundead, Lutin Wharf split EP, New Anamanaguchi and Vim albums, event dates

8 Bit Bandit has just released four new tracks for free download on his myspace site including tracks like Pogo and Keep the Salsa Fresh. Very good stuff. Also keep an eye out for his new collaboration with Dumfoundead The Super Barrio Bros. EP.

New Split album with Lutin and WHARF coming from the folks at Megatwerp. You can download the album on megatwerps frontpage.

Two new albums coming our way from 8bitpeoples. Anamanaguchi’s new 7 track album Power Supply has come out recently. Also Vim’s Extended Loo Break also coming in at 7 tracks. Both are free downloads so check them out.

One more note, check out the events section, we just updated it today with some new shows! Also don’t forget VGL!