DJ J-Ball's 'A Glitch In The Sonic EP' club music tribute to 16-bit Sonic The Hedgehog

Download this thing. DJ J-Ball and Sonic in some crazy mixed up and mashed up Sonic grooves, beats. All that stuff. It get's pretty intense.

What happens when the entire Sonic The Hedgehog soundtrack somehow fuses together. DJ J-Ball tries to answer this question with this 5 track EP featuring 10 tracks from the Sonic The Hedgehog soundtracks (mainly Sonic The Hedgehog 1-3 and Sonic And Knuckles).
— DJ J-Ball

16 Bits of Originality in SNESQUE by Zackery Wilson

Zackery Wilson’s “SNESQUE” is the marriage of Super Nintendo soundfonts (i.e. collections of samples from original Super Nintendo video games) and modern-day audio production (i.e. EQ, delay, reverb, filters, etc.). For each original track, Zack adhered strictly to self-imposed limitations: Each was created using only one soundfont (exclusive to each respective game), again, only taking liberties with audio production and some creative sample manipulation (i.e. pitch-shifting, time-stretching, etc.); the structure of each track limited to roughly a minute’s worth of music, looping once (in the tradition of standard video game “level” music) before fading out.

From progressive rock to jazz fusion, samba to swing, “SNESQUE” is a hodgepodge of musical styles, connected by the nostalgic sound of Super Nintendo video games and the familiarity of present-day audio production techniques.
— Zackery Wilson

Over six hours of 16-bit love in SNES XX by Shiryu


It's not easy to encapsulate six hours of music into a few sentences, but Shiryu's tribute to 20 years of Super Nintendo, SNES XX, has forced my hand.

To get a scope of this album, just know that the shortest track on the album, "Pilotwings Suite" clocks in at about seven and a half minutes.

So now you must be wondering what the longest song is. The albums grand finale is a nearly 40 minute long tribute to underrated SNES title Secret of Mana. This song alone could have been a full album release.

You can grab this collection of over 6 hours of nearly two dozen different SNES based medley for approximately $13 over on Shiryu's bandcamp page.

Continuum Kingdom releases 16-bit inspired album 'Fantastic Revenge'

Retro synthwave post-rock inspired by 16-bit video games.

The duo of Glen Walker and Travis Thomas, better known as Continuum Kingdom, return. Their latest album, Fantastic Revenge, is more of that ominous adventuring feel that I loved so much on their debut album Adventure Forever.  Unlike their debut album, which I described as something akin to sailing over an 8-bit ocean, Fantastic Revenge takes a more entombing tone.

Fantastic Revenge lands somewhere between the haunting musical spectrums of the more dissonant sounds of classic Castlevania and the Mother/Earthbound series. The foreboding mood rarely leaves the album, creating an ambient yet imposing mood, as if being walled in from all sides. This gives the majority of the album an adventurous, dungeon-crawling vibe.

Tracks like "Golden River" and "Pyramid Subterannea" really drive the cave raiding mood home. The former sounds like the emotions one would have when finding an underground oasis / save point deep inside the earth. My personal favorite track is the deep and ominous theme "Dark Rider." This track just seems to step a bit heavier than the rest of the album, which really captures the energetic drums and synths as they rise and fall. If CK performs live, this is the song I need to see happen.

The album closes with the lengthy "Never Ending," a track that kicks off like a distant doomsday warning before fading out in a wave of fuzz that reveals the instrumentals full form. A spacey, soaring track that is thematically very different from much of the claustrophobia inducing album. Does this song signal a death, or even a rebirth for the unnamed adventurer this album is about? Maybe this song just sounded best at the end of the album, because it most certainly does. A final blare of synth sirens announce the close of this track, and the album.

Make sure you have some quality headphones (honestly, a requisite if you subscribe to this blog), or crank that surround sound up, because Fantastic Revenge holds some surprising nuance within the glitches and fuzz that permeate the edges of the album. If you enjoy classic RPG soundtracks, synthwave, and/or chill ambient electronic rock, then grab Fantastic Revenge free (or name-your-price) from the Continuum Kingdom bandcamp page.

Continuum Kingdom - Adventure Forever album


Ambient chiptune fusion like floating over a sea of that type of water that kills you automatically if you fall in. Relaxing yet deep and somber. Rock along gently against these sixteen bit soundwaves in Continuum Kingdom's latest release Adventure Forever.

Make sure to stick around and here the incredible, drum-rich ending in my personal favorite track on the album, Skull Prince.

<a href="">Adventure Forever by Continuum Kingdom</a>

Pterodactyl Squad release Abinox by lpower

lpower has been busy for months working on his latest release, and it's turned out to be his most in-depth and complex work yet. As usual, the whole thing is available to download for free from the release page over at Pterodactyl Squad.

Abinox front cover

lpower is back with his most absorbing release to date - Abinox.

The compositions here are longer, moodier and feature more minimalist concepts than his previous works. The Canadian composer wanted to examine and explore how 16-bit video game soundtracks were put together in the old days, and he assembled a 'super setup' of nostalgic chips and synths (TurboGrafx-16, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, NES, OSCar synth, Yamaha DX7) with which to do so. The music on Abinox does not always loop, allowing lpower more freedom than usual to study the emotions of in-game progression, the ups and downs, victories and failures. So rather than focus on a specific storyline or genre, Abinox is actually a game soundtrack about game soundtracks.

  1. Return of The
  2. Makin It
  3. In the Thick of It
  4. Risk Your Best Endeavours
  5. Face to Face to Face
  6. Attacks and Deliverance
  7. Hills
  8. Absolute No Give Up
  9. City of Null