The Belmont Adventure: A Tribute to Castlevania Adventure & Belmont's Revenge from SindraVania Projects


Another metal tribute for October thanks to SindraVania Projects. This time in honor of the lesser known Game Boy Castlevania adventures. You got plenty of the major players here when it comes to shredding, Mega Beardo, ThePlasmas, Snappleman (ft. Norg & Sixto Sounds), and even a Yes, Mayhem! appearance!

The Belmont Adventure: A Tribute to Castlevania Adventure & Belmont’s Revenge is exactly that. The first two Gameboy Castlevania titles had amazing music but were woefully underrated in terms of representation through the rest of the series. Given this year marks the 30th Anniversary of Castlevania Adventure’s release, I figured this was the perfect time to see that both games get some love in the form of an arrangement album.

Castlevania Adventure and Castlevania: Belmont’s Revenge and their titular protagonist, Christopher Belmont, deserve the spotlight and I was more than happy to provide that, along with an amazing group of ridiculously talented musicians who shared my passion and who I am grateful for. I hope this album does the game’s fantastic OSTs some justice.
— SindraVania Projects