LONELYROLLINGSTARS. One word. All capitals too, by the way. I am both a fan of this band and of the people in this band as individuals. Ailsean, Cubosh, finbeard, norg, Mega Beardo. Their album is up for free download on bandcamp, or grab the album on a gaudy USB slap bracelet. I wish I had one to show off, but no one sends me anything. Good. This album is as eclectic, and decadent as the name suggests. It's a very filling album. There's a lot happening. LONELYROLLINGSTARS. They make the best song cover choices. Gauntlet, Gitaroo Man, and the one I'm highlighting here, a tribute to the weird, had to have played it as a kid to get it N64 title, Mystical Ninja 64. Make sure you check this one out!

“Hey, Mister! Can I interest you in a delicious SUGARBURGER? Whoa, whoa, WHOA. No, don’t eat it! This is food for your ears! Take a glisten!” ~ Burg Lad