Mother 4 Soundtraaaack!! by Shane Mesa

Shane Mesa - Mother 4 Soundtraaaack!!.jpg

I tried to look into what the deal is with this album. I know there is, or maybe was, a fan project known as Mother 4. Does this album come from that? Maybe? After my search for answers led to a reddit thread, I gave up. Anyway, this is a wonderful addition to the sounds of Shogo Sakai, Keichi Suzuki, and Hip Tanaka. There are a lot of tracks here. 60 tracks, specifically. Both new, inspired, and rearranged tracks in the mood of the Mother series. The perfect soundtrack to dream of the day that Shigesato Itoi makes another video game, and it's not about fishing.

The soundtrack to the fan game known as Mother 4, as composed by Shane Mesa.
— GameChops / Shane Mesa