Hip hop duo Dual Core returns with new album Downtime


Dual Core has done it all in their musical lifespan, but it has been a while since the duo of C64 and Int 80 have dropped an album. Five years since 2012's All The Things, and I for one am very glad Dual Core is back with Downtime. I'll talk more about it on an episode of SUBCON. They are world renowned though. Don't need me to sell them.

This album was completed in December 2017, and created in the 5 years downtime since 2012’s ‘All The Things’. A period during which int eighty and c64 toured together, played shows around the world, and experienced numerous ups and downs in their personal lives. All whilst witnessing the world change in unusual ways.

Album progress was intermittent, with sporadic bursts of inspiration and creativity. Many of the final tracks started to take shape around 2016-2017 (partially due to a threat of shaving int eighty’s mustache if the album wasn’t complete by the year’s end).

’Downtime’ is intended largely as a lyrical and instrumental exploration of the highs and lows experienced during this time period, with reflections on the pressures of life and battles of the mind. We delve into the deeper reaches of c64 and eighty’s collective consciousness...as they make sounds with computers and shout into microphones.

If you don’t care about the artsy nonsense above, rest assured, there may be catchy hooks, head-nodding beats, and occasional computer references! Plus you can probably dance to some of it! Or sway awkwardly!

TLDR version; we put a lot into it and hope you enjoy :)
— Dual Core