ThePlasmas pay tribute to the one and only Castlevania series


I've been a fan of ThePlasmas for years, ever since GM4A first started out. The best possible context to talk about ThePlasmas has also come up with the release of the nearly two dozen track tribute to Castlevania known as Holy Whiplash Plus. It's very difficult to go with just one track to share, but will go with Black Night for this go. I hope this is far from the last time I'll be covering classic Castlevania music. Headbang to this for a minute

Recorded at ABXY Studios.
This a re-recording of “Holy Whiplash”, our Castlevania 1 & 2 (Simon’s Quest) tribute released some years ago.
This version has few more tracks from “Super Castlevania IV”. Some were re-written and the results were different than the original “Holy Whiplash”.
— ThePlasmas