A backwards trip into game music in RETROGRESSION: VOL.1 by Stemage

If there is something I love, it;s gimmicks! I have had the chance to hear various reversed and inverted game sounds in my decade or so of listening to VGM. Stemage is the latest of these wayward composers to take some beloved themes and twist them into semi recognizable bursts of sound. Listen to these awesome tracks, forwards and backwards!

RETROGRESSION: VOL.1 is a collection of NES songs performed backwards. FOR SCIENCE! Learn more about the project here:

released July 6, 2017

Arranged and produced by Grant Henry

Album art by Chris Dlugosz:

Peed ni gniog er’ew. Sdik, srenrub nesnub dna srekaeb eht tuo teg ot emit? Sseug I? Gnol oot rof cisum emag oediv gnignarra neeb ev’uoy nehw sneppah tahw siht si.
— Stemage