PRIORITY ONE: The Music of TRON by Stemage

Stemage pays tribute to the classic soundtrack of TRON. Enjoy some ambient, foreboding space rock thanks to Stemage and the TRON choir.

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Welcome to PRIORITY ONE: The Music of TRON - a tribute/cover album featuring the music of TRON from 1982 - the Wendy Carlos masterpiece. <3

All songs performed and engineered by Grant Henry (Stemage) except:

06. Sea of Stimulation — Commodore 64 by Inverse Phase

09. He Ends Small — The TRON choir featuring:
- Amanda Lepre -
- Cheryl Norfair -
- Kirby Pufocia -
- Erin McQuisten -

Additional engineering by Brandon Hood -

ARTWORK by Rufus Blacklock -

PRIORITY ONE: The Music of TRON (p) 2013 Stemage.
TRON Soundtrack (c) 1982 Wonderland Music Company Inc. (BMI)
Original TRON soundtrack composed by Wendy Carlos and performed by Wendy Carlos and the London Philharmonic Orchestra

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released June 8, 2013
— Stemage