Watch genoboost's predictions for Nintendo @ E3 2017

I had to get a few predictions up before the deluge of E3 2017 news floods our nervous systems over the next week. Each prediction more outlandish than the last!



Background Music:

  • "Mario Paint / Wii Plaza" by Temp Sound Solutions
  • "School Stage (The Classroom)" from the Nintendo Wii game Mario Strikers Charged composed by Mike Peacock, Darren Radtke, Chad York, Scott McFadyen, Davor Vulama
  • "Lilycove Waltz" by SublimeCloud
  • "METROID Brinstar Melle Super Smash Mix" by DougboytheProducer
  • "F-Zero - Mute City" by Videogameorchestra
  • "Koopa's Jungle Flip - Super Mario Kart" by BeatmakerKelz
  • "SMW Castle Theme (Esque Remix)" by Esque
  • "All-Stars Title" by Xoc
  • "Parasite Eve SICKNESS" by DoughboytheProducer
  • "Make Haste" by PK Mao