Check out Xoc's classic fusion of game music covers in 'Emulator'

One of my favorite Xoc collections! Check it out for some one of a kind game covers like only Xoc can imagine!

Xoc covers video game tunes in the style of other artists.

The EMULATOR series was originally known under its working title, V.G.M.I.T.S.O. (Video Game Music In The Style Of, and pronounced “vee-gee-MIT-soh”) when most of these tracks appeared on a limited edition CDR entitled “MAGFEST 7 MIX” - which, as the name suggests, was only available from me (Xoc) personally at MAGFest 7. []

These earliest EMULATOR demos are the first collection in a long-running series. (That’s the plan, anyway - there are something like 82 ‘style parodies’ in the works.)
— Xoc