Watch SUBCON 64 Metroid, The Fall 2, game books

Do you like Metroid games? Do you like Metroidvania games? Do you like nachos? Sorry, I mean, this week I talk about Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS, and get ever more hyped for upcoming indie game The Fall 2 Unbound by Over The Moon Games. I also talk about some Splatoon 2 and enhancing my mental capacity for video game facts. All this and dope new tunes by Jahn Rome, Earthbound Rejects, FrivolousShara, GamerGad and more! Not to mention the latest beats and instrumentals by Productions, DJ Chief Takinawa, Jay Tholen, Zalenka, the Pixel Quemado crew, Dale North, Blipperactive, Schematist, Jon Poulin, and then some!

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