The soaring sounds of adventure in Phenomenal Star-Force by Tekkaxe


Talk about a wonderful surprise of an album. If there is a game series I love for it's infectious, upbeat arrangements, it's definitely the Kirby games. Tekkaxe channels his inner Jun Ishikawa & Hirokazu Ando along with a touch of super hero lore, and uses that power to create an adventurous and eclectic album. Too bad this isn't a video game, now I'm a little bummed. This album will cheer me right up though, so I'm going to listen again!

“Fantastic Star-Friend” was a fun way for me to look back at a tiny, but influential, piece of my life: growing up with an OG Gameboy, and Kirby 1/2. In FSF, I imagined that its world existed as a fictitious classic video-game for a fictitious classic console: the ‘Super Geraldo Station’

But as this project drifted around the back of my mind, the soundscape of FSF really started to come into its own.

”Phenomenal Star-Force” is an excited look forward, at the possibilities of this new world. And I’m excited to finally be able to share it with you all.

Once again, it’s time for adventure!
— Gerald Kaye