The latest hard rock release from Yes, Mayhem, 'Molly'

No, this is not technically anywhere near video game music per se, but when your band has talent like members of Metroid Metal, Xoc, Viking Guitar and more on your project, it doesn't really matter what music results, It's going to be fantastic and I'm going to talk about it.

I don't go talking about every non VGM album I hear, but I damn well will with this one. The tracks are so infectious, and speak to me on a primal level. the 90's is strong here, and I can't escape it. It's like a black hole of the exact sounds, instruments, tones, you name it. I'm sold. 

Some of my favorite tracks aren't even on the album proper. You better download this album right now to hear some Dope-Ass Owls.

Answering the question, “can a band be a band when they’re not all in the same area code or even time zone?” for the third time.
— Yes, Mayhem